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Rose Drew is your regular unpopular highschooler at the age of 15 she's yet to experience her first love.
So when the 6 foot tall, tan, hazel eyed, musician transer student in the year above arrives she falls head over feels in lust for him. Determined to catch his attention, she polishes up on her musical skills by teaching herself guitar...

I stared at the graffiti on my locker, putting a couple of fingers to the crudely written insults. I puffed out my cheeks, and crossed my arms, trying to decipher the messy handwriting.

"Emo goth lesbian, ugly bich, go fuck Mrs Jonson" they read. 

'They spelt "bitch" wrong.' I observed, glancing over my should to Mac, one of my best friends. He snorted and hitched his bag further onto his shoulder. 

'I wonder who it was this time.' Mac thought aloud.

'Jenny Hitchens.' I guessed, 'she's in set three for English lit.' I said almost  instantaneously, 'and Justin Green.' 

'Hmm...' Mac shrugged, plugging himself into his iPod, tapping his foot to whatever heavy metal he was listening to.

I wrapped a lock of my purple hair around my index finger, blowing on it. 

'We should get to class.' I nearly shouted, knowing how loud he usually had his music. Mac nodded and plodded after me down the corridor. I pushed my way through the hoards of year sevens, and burst out of the double doors at the bottom of the tower block.

I seemed to have lost Mac on my way out, but knowing him he probably went to go take a piss without telling me he was going to do so. Shrugging, I strode towards the geography rooms. 

'Yo!' A voice grunted from behind me, it was Lily.

'Bonjour.' I replied, 'ola, konnichiwa, jumbo.' 

'Oh, four languages today, huh?' She smiled, 'you must've gone a google, am I right?' 

'Damn, you got me.' I slapped my thigh. 

'Please pull those skirts down,' a teacher snapped whilst walking past the two of us. Lily gave her the finger when her back was turned. I just carried on walking forwards. 

As I walked past the other classes in my year, the girls whispered furiously, giggling at some pathetic joke they were making about me. I smiled at them.

'Er! Look at your hair, it's gross.' Justin, the boy whom I loath the most in the entire world, sneered loudly when I walked away from them. Lily swirled around.

'Fuck off, dickhead.' 

'Your not much better, slag.' I twitched, snapping.

'You fucking call her a slag again and I'll beat the shit out of you.' I snarled, walking right up to him, so close that I could feel his stench of a breath on my face.

'Oooh, scary. You better run, Jus.' One of his chavy minions in an Addidas hoodie with Nike trainers on.

'And you better get a better fashion sense, twat.' Lily backed me up.

'Whatever, lesbo's.' Justin shrugged, 'you wouldn't dare.'

I glared at him, grabbing Lily's wrist and dragging her away before she could try anything stupid.

'You're too sensible.' She hissed, 'we always retreat. We should go kick them in the place where they do the most thinking.' 

I smiled weakly, 'I'm a straight-A student. Don't wanna let that slip, babes.' 

'True. Can't let the pricks get the better of us!' Lily agreed, 'gotta get you into a good college, then a good uni!' She slapped me on the back.

'I told you, I don't know if I want to to university yet.' I muttered, 'I might want to carry on with the band.' 

'Rose...' She said, a little sadly, 'Mickey's been gone for a year now. You can't still want to do that stuff can you? You have no guitarist!' 

'I have a drummer. I'll learn guitar.' I insisted.

'What about GCSE's?' She asked.

'I can still do them! My parent's would kill me if I let my grades slip. I wouldn't dare choose that over studying, but I can do it in my spare time.' 

'Hm.' Lily hummed doubtfully. 

'I miss Mickey.' I mumbled, swallowing back the lump in my throat. 

The End

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