based on a true story: heart-break girl

this is based on a true story about a young girl, who's heart is broken many times in many different ways

Chapter one

moving, and losing


It was a warm evening, Kayleigh had just came home from school, she sat her bag down and when to her room, as she was watching t.v, her mother came into her room "kayleigh" 

"yeah mum"

"how would you like to go, and live in Scotland?"

"yeah!" Kayleigh was so exited, her mum her brother her dad and herself all together living in scotland, she couldn't think of anything better, a few moments later, she when into her mum & dads room, her dad was crying, she didnt understand why, she thought he'd be happy, "daddy, why are you crying?"

"you and mummy are going to live in scotland"

"only for a little while daddy, if we don't like it, were coming back."

"no kayleigh, its for ever"

kayleigh felt as if some-one had come and smashed her into millions of tiny pieces with a hammer, she couldn't control the tears, the pored out of the eyes like she was over-flowing, she hugged her dad to comfort him and herself.

The very next day, she went to school, she was leaving that night, she had to tell her best friends Jackie, and jerry, they cried so much, kayleigh felt the same feeling as last night, she was over-flowing, someone got hold of the hammer again, that day at school they had a recorder concert, the next day they were going to bake bread in class, she was going to miss it, she was going to miss the last day of school, she was going to miss many fun days to come, the recorder concert went perfectly, her dad came to pick her up, and take her to the train station, the train was long and tiring, so boring and she couldnt sleep, she was thinking too much about that night, she kept picturing her dads face, the tears streaming down, she hadn't been to Scotland in years, her gran lived there, Had it changed? Were the people nice? Would she fit in at school? Would she make friends? questions were racing round in her head, Like go - karts running round and round but going no-where, all the exitement and  anxiotey made her feel dizzy and axious, what would become of her?


Chapter 2

New Place, New Friends


About a month had gone by kayleigh was living with her grandma, she just started a new school, she wore a blue jumper a skirt white knee high socks and black shoes she was in primary six, Everyone remembers when they had a huge crush, well kayleigh had one on a boy called Benard Gibbs 

The End

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