Grab him by his overpriced yuppie tie and smash his immaculately coiffured mug into the hardwoodMature

Fast as a lightning bolt, your arm flies across the bar, grabs onto his obnoxious silk tie with pictures of cowboy crap on it, and you yank it down...hard. Satisfyingly, his head crashes down on the bar with a loud 'CRACK." His head bounces right back up and he crumples to the floor.

Jim looks on approvingly. "Now that's what I call bartending." he says to no one in particular before he shuffles off towards the dart room. That is indeed crack bartending. (groan)

Another regular, but one you have particular less fondness for named Cidney comes up to the bar, stepping over the unconcious frat-tool on the floor. "Wow man, you really 'barred' him from the place. I hope he got the 'tip'." Cidney laughs loudly at his own terrible, TERRIBLE puns.

The End

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