Get him his drinks and start the tab as usual without a credit card.Mature

One shot of Jim Beam, One Shiner bock.

You slide the drinks across to him and he gives an appreciative nod. He turns to start impressing the other people sitting around the bar who obviously had made some wrong turns in their lives (or they wouldn't be here every night). This is achieved by him calling out most of the answers correctly to Jeopardy, which plays on the bar's small television which delivers it's message with subtitles, since the couple in the non-smoking room have let their kids put money in the jukebox.

Things wouldn't be so bad if you just could press the reject button occasionally without getting a face full of angry patron who just HAD to hear the folksy version of Gin & Juice for the fifth time since you've clocked in.

As you turn to head towards the small foot or so behind the bar that hides you from customer sight, you notice a customer that your co-bartender Bo served doing the ol' put the dollar in and pull it back out routine.

The End

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