Barely There

A young man grows up losing his father . Then later his mom passes away and when he returns home from duty, he discovers that his sister and her husband died in an accident. He is now left custody of his niece. Will he have enough strength to pull it together to raise his niece or will he sink further and allow the Human Services to take her away from the only family she has left. Will a mysterious young woman come into both their lives and rescue them both? Will the young man find happiness aft

Liam is a decent young man who grew up poor. He worked constantly helping to provide for his family. Then one night his father was taken away. Beatened and then killed. The next day, his father's death was reported. No one knew who the mysterious men were that took his father away only to be killed.Liam joined the Marine core. Allowing him to move his family into a safer neighborhood. And allowed him to support them.His family's safety was his top priority.

Having just come back from many tours, Liam was back home. His mother passed away and his sister Angel was married with a kid of her own. His brother John died from a leg injury from factory work. Having faced so much pain, Liam felt like he was barely there. Just barely holding on. His family has suffered so much. He wanted to curse God, he wanted justice for his father. He wanted to come home see his mom and brother alive again.No more pain, he thought. Opening up a beer and jugging it down, he thought at least his sister was doing okay. His sister called him. Made plans to drop off her little girl, Saber. Liam agreed and was happy to have his little niece with him. She was only four. Had the prettiest smile and pretty blue eyes that searched and searced your own. Her hair was soft curly and brown. Just like his sister's hair. He and his niece were outside when a call came in. 

Teaching Saber how to fly a kite in the back yard made Liam feel proud. And happy to hear his niece laugh and giggle as she flew her kite they both made together. Hearing the phone ring, Liam walked into the house and picked up the phone as he watvhed his niece. Listening Liam's happiness soon disappeared. It was the sheriff calling to say that his sister and her husband died in a car accident. Nothing went well for his family. It was just him and his niece. How do u tell a four year old girl that her parents were never coming back..

The End

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