Silver Flash

Dan was staring up at the ceiling. Why were dreams so much better than reality? All those daft studies showed that we dream to help us through life's possibles, yet  Cassie was not going to turn up at his house.

'Daniel!' A slurred call echoed through the house.

'What, Mum?' Daniel yelled back.

His mum burst in, obviously drunk but with a kind of sober togetherness in her aura. Dan watched warily as his mum bent down to show him a two bundles of white; white that was almost silver in the half-light. 'They got in through the kitchen window, I th-' She giggled. 'I think.'

One cat looked up at Dan; looked up at hime with one greeny-blue eye and one indigo eye. 'Uh... Mum, they're lovely. Are they missing or something?'

'No. no, no, silly!' She giggled again. 'They're our cats. I want the big one. You t-take the little lady, she can sleep in your... room.' She thrust the cat - well, kitten really - into his arms and left. Dan looked at her different-coloured eyes. They were familiar. Too familiar.  Agh! He thought. I've got that girl on my mind, again! Dan put the cat on his bed and went into the bathroom. He filled the sink and plunged his head into it, desperate to clear the fog from his brain. He liked his hometown's misty weather, though not in his head.  

Dan went back to his room, looking for the cat. She wasn't on his bed.

The door snapped shut behind him.

A flash of fair hair, fair skin, sharp nails and modestly made up eyes moved into his vision. A slightly different second version popped up behind the flash. 

The End

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