The Alluring Smile Amidst The Rain

   Dan sat by his bedside desk, bathing in the warm glow of his lamp as he continued reading his novel. He could feel his eyes drooping and tried to forget how worn out he'd gotten today. The rest of his small bedroom was cloaked in a dark blue, which was constantly moving to the pattering of rain against his window, the shine of the faraway Moon casting a dreamy light against the wall. He scratched his eyebrow absent-mindedly and yawned indulgently, resting his book face down on it's open pages and stretching out with a sigh.

It was probably time to go to bed, he'd heard Mum stumble into her room hours ago, he'd be wise to join her in the land of nod. Although, he thought bitterly, I won't have to collapse to sleep in an alcohol induced state.

He glanced at his desk, with it's random qoutes plastered here and there. He had written down qoutes that he liked and blue tacked them to various points on the shelves one the top of his desk.

"How happy is the blameless vestal's lot, the World forgetting by the World forgot...

Dan didn't get a chance to finish the qoute as something came into his peripheral vision that shocked him into a much more alert and awakened state.

A flash of white. Right past his window. He turned sharply and rose to his feet so quickly he stumbled, and scrambled to the window. He looked from side to side, from ground to sky. Stopping at the Moon. Perhaps it had been the Moon.

He sighed and turned to his bed. It seemed so appealing, he almost couldn't believe his luck. Time for a lovely sleep. He climbed in and rolled onto his side, before rolling his eyes behind closed lids and jumping out again to turn off his desk lamp.


What was that? He thought, reasoning it could have been the sound of him leaping out of bed so quickly. Yet it had come from near the window, he could've swore.


It was a stone bouncing off the pane. He ran foward and half-scared, half-excited he looked out to the garden below. And there she was. In that white dress, standing below his window, soaked through and smiling up at him, her bare feet looking awfully comfortable in the wet grass.

He opened the window in amazement.

The End

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