Dan walked, a little more eager then before, back through the double doors. Cassie was still sat, on her own, talking softly to the cat on her lap whilst he lapped up the milk he was fed. Her face was downcast, but her eyes blazed slightly as though she were angry at something. Her head snapped up when he reached the table.

"Sorry about that. Everything alright?" Dan offered. The corners of Cassie's eyes twitched a little and her mouth hardened a fraction.

"I could ask you the same question. But I guess, yes everything is alright." She replied. There was a undefinable tone to her voice that wavered a little.

Dan tried to smile. "I think I understand what you mentioned before, okay? I want to understand, at least." Her head snapped up again, and she cocked it to the side with curiosity. Then her mouth slid into a small smile.

"Thankyou. I want to trust you..." She looked down at the cat on her knees as he gently began catching his claws in her dress. "...if I can. Please." The last part seemed a little too much like a beg in Dan's opinion, so he flew in quickly to cheer her up.

"Don't worry. I'm very trustworthy, I am." He grinned his best cheshire-cat grin, which made her giggle. The sound reminded him of a faint tinkle, a cross between a bell and the laugh of a child. His chest tingled a bit and he laughed too.

After a few seconds, Cassie began to cough and splutter, and Dan, still smiling from his laugh, thought it was just her choking from giggling. But soon, she hacked so loud he stood up in alarm. She sounded as if she had been ill for days. Indeed, she was bent over now, palms and knees to the floor, white cat sitting (now ruffled from his drop to the ground) beside her.

"Cassie?!" He half-shouted.

The End

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