Bobby and Co.

Dan watched quietly as Cassie looked at her fellow new student without much interest, and hypothesized that, since Cassie didn't seem to recognize him, this was all a strange coincidence.

Or, thought Dan as he noticed something hanging off of the boy's backpack--a small plush cat, not something you'd expect a boy to have--This could be something more...

Class continued without any interruptions, however, and as Daniel half-listened to Ms. Dogheart's lecture he saw nothing unusual in Robert's behavior. Of course, there was the possibility that he had been somewhat distracted by Cassie, whose bare feet were tapping along to some unheard tune throughout class. Had he not been so preoccupied, Dan might have wondered why Miss Dogheart hadn't requested that she put on shoes yet.

At the lunch bell, Dan began packing his books slowly, keeping an eye on Robert as he left the room silently. He was apparently a very quiet boy. "Hey, do you plan on eating anytime soon?"

Dan glanced in the direction of the playfully sarcastic voice to see Cassie standing over him, backpack in hand. She wore a half-smile, probably still a bit down on account of Bobby's disappearance. It was the first time that Dan noticed the alluring indigo shade of her eyes. Contacts? he thought to himself. It took him a moment to muster a simple reply of, "Yeah, sorry..." and as he finished packing Cassie waited patiently for him to stand up, at which point she held out her free hand to him. Daniel was happy to take it, though at the same time rather sheepish.

"Looks like two new kids in one day..." he commented as they made their way down the hall together. Through his excitement at the feeling of Cassie's hand in his, Dan added, "So, do you know the new guy?"

"No, not really..." replied Cassie, slinging her backpack up onto her shoulder. "Though it is odd, Jameson having been my mother's maiden name and all..."

"Huh?" queried Dan, surprised at the sudden turn of events, "D'you think you're related, then?"

"Hm, I don't know. Maybe, though I've never seen him before in my life..." Cassie paused for a moment, frowning. However, her face lit up quickly and she cried, "Omigosh! What are you doing here?!"

Cassie released Dan's hand, and ran forward to greet two white cats who were sitting patiently in front of the school's door. She opened it quickly, letting a blast of fresh air enter. Daniel inhaled it readily, wondering exactly how much more surreal this day could possibly get. Cassie scooped up the cat in the front, scratching its head with unconcealed elation. "Bobby! I thought I'd lost you! And for the second time, too!"

The cat let out a meow in response; Not the uncertain meow Dan had heard in the shed, but the average response from any cat wishing to call attention upon itself. "Hm?" murmured Cassie, apparently having noticed the difference as well. The cat forced its way out of her arms, landing gracefully on the ground. It meowed again.

Cassie frowned. "Oh? So... you're not Bobby?" She picked up the other cat, which had stood motionless the entire time. "Bobby, is that you, then?" At her touch, the cat meowed--not a normal meow, but that of a cat who wasn't sure exactly what a meow sounded like. "Yes, there you are!"

As Cassie doted over her wandering cat, Dan tried to explain to himself exactly where the third cat present had come from. As Not-Bobby picked up the plush white cat in his teeth and plodded away, Dan wondered what he had gotten himself into...

The End

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