Bare Feet

Someone screamed. This was followed by a heavy 'thump' from the floor side of the roof above, resulting in another scream. Dan looked up from his book momentarily, adjusting his glasses and breathing out in exasperation. His mother's daily routine had already begun, and it was only an hour before midday. Roughly two and a half hours earlier than usual, an uncommon ocurrance in their house.

Dan slid his legs backwards automatically as his mum charged past in a flurry of anxiety and unbrushed hair. He watched her search around for her bottle, not caring when she absent-mindedly knocked over bottles and cups in her quest to find the alchohol. He took one glance at his book, then back at his mother, then put the book down on the coffee table. Getting up, he lumbered over to the kitchen table and sat down over there instead.

"Why..didn' tell was this late!?" His mother asked furiously between gasps.

"Why do you suddenly care about what time it is? Did you miss an appointment or something?"

"No...thats not the poin-"

"Then its ok then, right?" He wasn't in the mood for having a morning argument today. His mother frowned in slight confusion, then spotted her bottle from the corner of her eye and pounced over to the counter.

Dan ground his teeth and reached for his jacket. Time for a walk.

The End

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