Barcode Renegades

                   "Hunt and you will be hunted, kill and you will be killed". That is the code of the Renegades, not the one implanted into their necks; the ones they have managed to defy. This code of theirs, defines them, sets them apart from the following herd, better yet, the herd being followed. That is why they are hunted, and that is why they hunt back.

                 Shadows on the human race brought on by the government grow darker, restless whispers bring termination. We walk on with blind, controlled eyes, diluted to see what they want us to see. Freedom of speech is no longer maleable, because freedom in no sense can free you.

                We can no longer scratch the surface of truth, because we can no longer move our fingers for ourselves, and unique fingerprints are lost in the forgotton past.

Curiousity kills anyone.

The End

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