Like, Totally Freak Me Out!

The music from the alarm clock sang beautiful tunes into the Barbie Dreamhouse©. The cardboard bed in the middle of the room held Barbie© as she sat up straight, popping her plastic molded back. Her alarm clock finished it's morning routine and out popped a dozen lilies. Barbie© scooped them up and smelled them. "Mhmm. Nothing like a fresh batch of plastic lilies in the morning!" Her painted on cheery smile grew.

She slid out of her bed, slipping on her slippers. It was bound to be a beautiful day in sunny Malibu, like always! So Barbie© started her morning off right with a quick shower. Her sister Kelly© had to jump on the pump so the water wouldn't run out, but it was definitely worth it, especially since Barbie© had a date tonight, with Ken© .

Once dressed and ready, which took forever since she had to travel through her walk-in closet, Barbie© ran a brush through her hair 1000 times! Every single stroke she counted, and every single day she would brush 1000 more times. It was just the right amount to get a soft, silky, and smooth finish on her fair hair. And in Malibu, hair was everything, especially since it never grew back!

Barbie© finished with everything and started towards the front door of the dreamhouse. She was just about to head out when the door swung wide open, and there stood Ken©, looking dapper as ever in his nice slacks and polo shirt. Barbie© clutched at her chest, for Ken© had scared her.

"OH MY GOSH!" She squealed.

"I'm sorry." Ken© apologized. "I didn't mean to scare you!" His painted on smile grew and he slicked back his dirty blond hair. "Ready for this date?"

The End

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