A young boy sent to Baptize from Earth. He hates being here because of the lack of sunlight each day.
He'll soon found out his true destiny when he has reach his man-hood and that's when he has to get ready for a true fight against the allegory's army.
His one true friend has fallen into the realm of the cave and the hero will find a way to bring him back.
When he beat the One-Hour Solstice or will the allegory get there before he can succeed?


By: Forsaken

Ch 1. - The Day of the Light

The shadows of the underground tunnels frightened me as I walked by them each day. Those tunnels always contained the same fright as it has even from five years of walking pass the same exact pathway. I was now at the age of eleven, and I have been here since I was six. The children around laughed when they see me walk through, which only made me more scared as I walk pass.

Hey, why you always slow down when you get to these tunnels? You’re not that scared, are you?” One of the children asked me one day. “Get away from me” I told them. One of them gave me a shove and I fell onto the floor and I began to cry.

Stop being a crybaby and adapt to your surroundings, or get out of this country” said the same child. I then got up still crying and ran through the tunnels without knowing where I was going. As I ran with tear falling behind me, other kids around the streets pointed and laughed until I tripped onto the ground in a seemly empty street by myself. And then “Don’t let them change who you are, you don’t have to be an assimiliarist to be liked” said a young boy. He was a child about my age and he was standing across from me under a dim street light, he had his arm-crossed and stared down at me.

“I know how you feel” said the strange boy. “You and I are very similar.”

I looked at him and our eyes met. “We are?” I manage to say.

He nodded, “We both came from Earth, correct?”

“Yeah.” I answered him.

“Well, we both had been here for any while, huh? All the kids in this town are too young to understand true reality. The kids here despite you because you only speak when others are talking about the sun, they find you weird because they believe such a thing. They were so young when they first saw it, so they likely don’t remember.” He explained

“And you’re starting believe the sun is a myth too?” I said softly.

“What? Me? Never, I fully believe in the sun even if I never really was able to see it. I may only have seen a sudden bright area in the sky and never knew exactly what it was, but now I am absolute that was what it was.” He answered.

So we’re both believers of the sun?” I said rather happily yet still a little bit quietly.

C’mon man, lemme help you up” He lowered his hand enough that I can reach it with mine.

Thanks.” I said when I got back to my feet.

What’s your name by the way? Mine’s Tetosis (Ti-toh-sis)” He finally announced.

Alkaline (Al-kuh-line)” I answered almost instantly.

The End

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