BAO: Discovering Truth

Amber Silverstone is sixteen years old and has just uncovered Bao. A beautifly detailed locket lying on her front yard seemed harmless enough, right? Too bad it's not that simple, though.
Amber has just moved here to the sweet town of Lovelocket and her first day of school starts tomorrow! How annoying, right? After discovering a mysterious new power, Amber discovers both new friends and secrets about herself.

I lifted the top off of the music box and put it down on my desk as I sat down in the chair in sequence. I listened as the soft melody of the nut cracker played through out my room. Every time I hear this song, I think of wisps and twists of colourful neon energy, just swirling and playing around in the dark. The energy looks like ribbons, long endless ribbons. There are only five different colours; Silver, blue, red, green and brown. Each giving off a different feel.
A feel? This must sound impossible but, yes. I could faintly feel something coming from the neon ribbons. Each felt like a different-

"Amber! I need you to come down her!" Yelled mom. Just like that, the images, feelings and music were all gone.

"Okay!" I shouted back, fairly angered by the interruption but I decided that I'll get over it. 

I closed the music box as I gradually stood up and left my room and headed downstairs into the kitchen where my mom was located. 

"Amber, I want you to do me a favor." Said my mom, who was jotting down notes on a notepad. 

"Yeah, what?" I had asked her, while I was walking towards the island in the middle of the kitchen. I got on my toes and slid onto one of the tall stools that stood behind the island.

"I need you to wait here while I go out to get some groceries for a bit, ok?" She asked, as she turned to me and looked up from the small notepad. 

"Sure." I agreed, remembering how I could finally listen to my music box play without any disturbances. My mom smiled and slung her red purse strap over her shoulder from off the floor.

"Thanks, dear. I promise to be back as soon as I can. Love you, bye!" She said, while walking out the door. 

"Bye mom!" I yelled to her, before the door slammed shut. I waited a few seconds to be sure my mom wasn't going to come back in the house, then left for my room upstairs.

The End

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