Banner of the King

"Tora, I wish to be part of the Royal Guard. But not just that...I want to be a Knight. I want..." the rest of the sentence died on his lips, but his mind was suddenly racing with all the possibilities.

                Maurodon was a city quite unlike the others of the continent; a very unique metropolis that thrived in the most unseemly of places. The bright white walls rose from the deserts’ salty sands and towered high above the grand arched entryways. A wary traveler might think it to be a mirage, taunting them from the horizon. Its exterior looked so surreal and impossibly tall that it was recognizable with even the faintest of whispers. As soon as one was to pass through its gargantuan gates, the change of climate was immediate. The hollow, desolate sound of the desert would be replaced by the low thrum of society and rushing water. The Maurodon basin was quite peculiar, and no soul could explain how such a lush oasis came to exist in the most arid of deserts. The streets were paved with smooth stones, rimmed by the most verdant of trees and clearest, fresh-water canals. The basin was littered with lakes of deep water, stocked to the brim with fish and algae and water flowers, all flowing freely from one to the next. Though one of the most distinguishing images of Maurodon were the earth pillars; the impossible towers stretched anywhere from several hundred feet to nearly a mile toward the heavens. Along their sheer faces one could see the nests of many a creature, of both sentient and lesser varieties. At her very core stood the Citadel of Bandellear, the intricately carved abode of Maurodon’s age-old royal family, the Audants. It was rumored that the slate which formed her walls had been brought many years ago with the first Northern pilgrims, hauled for miles across scorching sands.

                However, many knew Maurodon for another reason. Unlike her surrounding nations, Maurodon was home to all walks of life. She was ruled by the noble humans of far-North Falahr; the Fahlhari. The Southern Onhai humans of the Gulf also comprised a great deal of the human population, having lived in the city for almost as long as her Falahr rulers. The lakes were home to the Dukari, an amphibious race of swamp, sea, and riverbed. High overhead in the earth pillars lived the featherfolk, the Amukai, a race most at home with both skies and flowerbeds. And amongst the humans were the Cakumi, the Canid people who had once occupied the plains. Though they were few, there were others of human races, such as those of the forest-dwelling Pidant nation, or the Western Abalaine, or the Herbans of the marsh. Regardless of skins or fur, all were allowed into the city.

                Though its variance sparked much animosity within communities, Maurodon had experienced no war for as long as its outer rim had stood, and its grand walls served only to keep the sweltering sands from society. For the children who lived at the city’s heart, the desert beyond the walls was but a myth. There was nothing that they needed beyond that immovable barrier. There was only Maurodon, as it had been named in the Amukai tongue, ‘the place that is mine.’

                There was no need for anything except Maurodon.

The End

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