Bank Hit

This is a story I wrote for my English students using basic vocabulary words from lesson 4. This event really happened. I actually saw a drunk man run into a bank one night in Tampa, Florida.

There was a man named Bart. He was driving down the street very fast. He was also drinking beer. Suddenly, he saw a bank in front of his car. His car ran into the bank.

He was confused. How did the bank get in front of his car? He started to laugh. He tried to drive backward, but couldn't. He saw the police coming toward him.

He threw his beer in the bushes. The police officer told him to walk toward the bank in a straight line. But he couldn't walk straight. He walked in a very crooked line.

The policman told him to count to 35 as fast as he could. But he could only count to three.

The policman told him to write his name below this line. But he couldn't hold the pen up straight. The policeman put him in the back of the police car. He started to scream and cry.

The End

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