Bang Away

Bang away bang bang bang away it doesn't matter what you say just keep bangin romp stomp bump and dump words words words the word word is oft on the frenzied writers brain whats a good word for word the world is all words theres nothing without one a word there a word there a word word...wait for it....everywhere

does it? doesn't have to make sense but its better if it makes cents

frollicking on a word processer fingers dance and mingle and flirt with keys pointing in a particular order and it has to be particular each letter intricately placed in form one placed carefully after another because weuwu9fbwf doesn't make any sense at all the subtleties of the english language are understated

the very essence of words like c*nt can make someone enraged but passionfruit inspires something completely different so we keep on banging and banging and banging and hammering and sometimes tapping and maybe even get a rythm of a ballet its a dance me and the keys swaying to and fro and the tempo gets faster, quicker, harder, go! 

the audience ovates as the story ovulates and someone wants to just f*ck, that is if it's a terribly good story, we want to devour the page, eat it whole, skip lines but don't skip lines because then you're missing some of it but what happens next?  Gear down, Turbo.  Writing too much by yourself can make you go blind.

The End

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