One month. Twenty clubs. Three bands. Eight bunks. One tour bus. Our protagonist, David Alison, is dragged on tour with his cousin's pop-rock band. And unfortunately, becomes the magnet of attention from ambiguously gay (or outright flaming) rock stars. Gratuitous boy!sex in later branches. After the first couple branches to set the scene, feel free to join in.

"So I was thinking," Brendan said, casually stealing a bite from David's plate. "You play keys, right?"

"Yes..." David replied suspiciously. It wasn't unusual for his cousin to randomly appear at his doorstep, but Brendan was supposed to be leaving for tour in a few short hours. Brendan was already set, a stuffed duffle bag slung over his shoulder and his shades pulled low.

"You sing?" Brendan continued, swiping another fry and dragging it across David's plate. David nodded. "Listen, our keys bailed on us last second. She's got some philharmonics thing or the other in L.A. Point is, we're in a bind. Would mind replacing her for a little bit? Just a month. Just this tour."

David stared blankly.

"For your favorite cousin?" Brendan pleaded with his eyes.

David sighed, massaging his temples with his fingers. It would be insane to up and leave his apartment for a whole month on a whim. And Brendan already knew what David was going to say.

"I like Krista so much better."

The End

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