Balcony Zombie Who?

Sort of creepy - seems to be a theme around here. :)


Then in all fell into place - a sort of sudden thud. She should have seen it before, there had been signs. She had run into or seen every guy she shared a history with that lived in this city, except for him. She hadn't thought of him in years - not since he stood her up. The one that always asked her to tell him a secret and blew in her ears. The not quite believable story about the ex and that fight - how he had a way of seeming sinister under his too friendly demeanor. With a sense of dread she realized it was him. WTF? As far she knew the people she'd been focusing on lived miles away. The beauty of a crazy mind! Only thing is what to do about this balcony zombie guy? Why was did it seem both not important at the same time as it seemed so much more disturbing? Maybe she always had a take it or leave it attitude towards life, not that she would ever take it upon herself to do anything about it. Not again, that was lame. Never talk to strangers hey? I guess not, she thought to herself. Hoping the for him wasn't fear - her favorite X-files was always the one where the guy kills that chick cause he wants to have her hair and fingernails. It was really vivid in her mind. She always thought it was nice that someone wanted something abut that girl.


The End

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