Tamaryn VI

"Not a good time? The princess has been kidnapped and those thieves stole my necklace! I have to catch up to them!" 

"No," said Tamaryn. Her veins glistened through her scar. "The others will be here any moment." 

"What others?" 

"The rest of the Children," answered Tamaryn. "We're a small sect of Citrinites who want to preserve the familial structure of the Tribes, rather than rebelling against the Mystic Fire Topazians. We want to try to settle our differences peacefully rather than revolting, as most of the others want to." 

"So why do we have to wait for them?" 

"It's not so much about waiting for them," answered Tamaryn. "Those people who kidnapped your princess-I know them. They're members of one of the most radical revolutionary groups in our Tribe. That riot at your palace yesterday? That was them. They call themselves the Brethren." 

"You know them? So where are they?" 

"Very near by." 

"So let's go!" 

"No, you don't understand. You realize the Citrinite capital is very close by?" 

"Yes! The princess and I were on our way there!" 

"We Children might be few, but we have dwelt close to the palace for many years now in the hopes of stopping a revolution. One of our members is the niece of our Queen, so the Citrinite Royal Family is somewhat influenced by us. We are the reason that the Tribe of Citrine did not revolt long ago." 

"So the Brethren don't like you?" 

Tamaryn smirked. "That's an understatement. They see us as purposefully trying to sabotage our Tribe, to keep the Citrinites in a state of weakness and subservience forever." 

"So what? You can't even talk to them?" 

"If we go near them, they might try to kill us." She retied her jagged ponytail, scar pulsing with vessels of living poison. "Anyway, we have to wait for afternoon. People are out and about now; once the shops close down the streets will be clear. Trust me--you don't want to be a Mystic Fire Topazian wandering around on Citrinite streets these days, even with us accompanying you."

The End

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