Tamaryn II

The nurse snatched the dress from my hands, barely looking at me. 

"Here." Her voice was muffled; her back obscured the princess from my view.

"You've always looked good in white, Your Majesty." 

"Thank you," mewed the princess, stepping into the dressing room, the nurse right behind. The curtain swung shut. The princess might as well have been back in her glimmering palace. 

"Anhia! Fetch the blue gown!" hissed the seamstress. 

The princess was even more dazzling in the gown than I had ever dared to imagine. The white emphasized her impeccable complexion, and the shining jewels brought out the different colors of poison glowing through her frosty skin. My breath caught in my throat. My dream had been realized. 

"You look so pretty!" gushed the nurse. "Do you like it?" 

The princess nodded, head down, her tiny fingers exploring the silk. "I love it."

"You can come back to the register to pay," said the seamstress to the nurse.

"You stay here and enjoy the dress," the nurse told the princess. "I'll be right back!" 

As the two ladies bustled away, the princess turned her somber gaze to me. My heart almost stopped beating. She'd noticed me! 

"What's your name?" she asked. She stepped closer to me. 

I began to panic. She couldn't come too close to me! My commonness might rub off on her! She had asked me a question--and what was my name? 

"Anhia," I choked out. 

"That's pretty," she said with a gracious smile. "I'm Lafrindyx. It's nice to meet you. There aren't any girls to play with at the palace." 

"It's nice to meet you too, Your Majesty," I said. 

"Just call me Lafrindyx." 

"But you're a princess!" 

"So? I'm just a person like you!" 

I was dumbstruck. This well-mannered, beautiful, important little girl? The same as me?


The End

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