Blindness V

Needless to say, that wasn't the case. 

"The Love Jewel?" the short-haired woman said, almost laughing. I noticed that the man was still gripping Lafrindyx's arm. "That hasn't been seen in nine centuries." 

I should have said, "Oh! Good point. Never mind then." 

What I should not have done was pull the necklace out of my robes to show it to them as proof. 

Guess what I did? 

"Goodness gracious," the man said, so entranced by the dangling pendant that he let go of Lafrindyx's hand. 

"Anhia, what are you doing?" breathed Lafrindyx. 

If only I knew. The three Citrinites were getting way too close for my comfort, though.  Their jeers faded away; the only thing I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears.  Poison slid down my beaming fingers. Unfortunately, the man noticed. 

"Hey!" he shouted. 

Before I could react, a streak of yellow flashed toward my face, and I felt something cold hit my cheek.  Oh no.  It was only a matter of seconds before I was engulfed in darkness. I waved my hands frantically, poison streaming out, hoping that I wasn't hitting Lafrindyx and that the effects were good ones. 

"Lafrindyx!" I shouted. Disoriented, I lurched forward, hoping to get in closer range of the Citrinites—instead, I felt more frigid wetness on my shoulder, my chest, my dress.  I had no idea where the princess was—my hands were gushing poison—there were screams in the background—my head was starting to spin—where was the princess—



The End

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