Blindness III

"We'll get on the Everlasting Portal and get off at the Realm of Light." False. I'd get off at the Only Strip. Hopefully I'd have lost her at that point.  I planned to drop her off somewhere safe, of course; perhaps I could pay someone to look after her until my return.  No time to think of that now. 

"All right then," Lafrindyx said, holding up the map, and clearly pleased with her work. "The map is set. We just have to follow the orb!" 

I began to get nervous the moment we crossed into Citrinite territory. Being surrounded by dull yellow set me on edge; it seemed as though an enemy was lurking behind every crumbling column. 

"These poor people," Lafrindyx murmured as we passed one particularly dismal neighborhood. "They deserve to be free." 

I was just as happy with them captive, personally. Citrinites were bad news; known throughout the Mine to be the most belligerent— 

"Well, hello." A yellow light fell over Lafrindyx and me. 

Sun in the sky. This man could eat us for dinner and still have plenty of room for dessert. 

"You don't look like you're from around here," he sneered.  He wasn't alone.  Two women were standing behind him.  

"Nope, we're just passing through," I muttered, edging to the left a bit. Come on, Lafrindyx, don't do anything desperate just yet... 

"And just think," said the woman with short hair, grabbing Lafrindyx's arm roughly, "just think of the poison." 

"Mystic Fire Topaz poison," added the man, as if we didn't know. "The most valuable stuff in the Mine. Two living, breathing, currency factories." 

Nightmarish images filled my head—images of Lafrindyx and me chained to dismal citrine ruins, exhausted, weak, barely able to move, with these barbarians milking us for poison day after day. And where would that poison go? Who could say? Stored up in a vat to be used against our own Tribe? These pathetic Citrinites didn't stand a chance at revolution with their puny blindness poison, but with a random chance of any effect? They'd be considerably more formidable. 

The End

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