Blindness I

"I've never set a map before," I said, laying the mystic fire topaz disc out on the floor of my tiny bedroom.

Lafrindyx kept looking over my head through the doorway, terrified that someone would walk by and see what we were doing. "Did you bring the location stone from my chest?"

"I thought for sure I'd get caught! It sticks out like a sore thumb among all this mystic fire topaz!" I held out the small green gem. "Where do you get this stuff, anyway?"

"Gifts, mostly, from princes of other Tribes who want to marry me, or subjects who want favors," Lafrindyx answered, taking the stone from me. "I think this one was from the Emerald prince."

"It looks like emerald," I observed. "Typical Emeraldian, giving a cheap gift and expecting much in return."

"There's nothing cheap about a location stone," Lafrindyx corrected me. "These take a lot of time and experience to enchant. I was surprised he would give me something so valuable. Now the map was from an Almandine noble who wanted me to take his side in some dispute with a Quartzian...I don't remember the details, really. "

"A Quartzian!" I exclaimed.

"Naturally I didn't accept," Lafrindyx said with a small smile, "but the map has proven useful on several occasions. He must have ordered it from here, since it's made of mystic fire topaz. High quality craftsmanship, too. It's a pity his request was of such a preposterous magnitude. May I have the map now, please?"

I shoved the parchment-thin disc toward her; she traced it with her finger until she found what she was looking for: a tiny orb, smoking milkily above the disc. "Ah. That's where we are."

"So our starting point?"

Lafrindyx nodded. "Seems as good of a starting point as any. Now, Citrinite poison?"

The End

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