Problem Child VII

"Anhia, what are you doing?" 

The Jewel dimmed suddenly. The light from our bodies was still brighter than usual, but it seemed like pitch blackness compared to the pure illumination of the pendant. 


Lafrindyx stepped inside the room. "What are you holding?" 

"It's just...a gift..." 

"What is that?" She crouched next to me, staring at the pendant, flaring up with excitement. "Was that glowing? Oh my goodness...that's...!" 

"It's a gift," I repeated.  I could still barely see.  I could feel my pupils growing, adjusting so quickly it ached. 

"Who gave it to you?" she asked breathlessly.


"I...there was no name on the package," I said. 

"Do you know what we could do with this?" she asked, grabbing my shoulders and smiling more widely than I'd ever seen her smile. "We could set all the Tribes free! No more tyranny, no more oppression-just liberty and equality!" 

"I don't think that's such a good idea," I said. "There was a note with the necklace,'m supposed to take it somewhere." 


"I'm not really supposed to tell you." 

Lafrindyx stood up, pulling her shoulders back. "Anhia, you and I have been best friends since birth, and you're going to keep a secret like this from me? This is the biggest news for the Mine in centuries! We could do so much good with this Jewel. Tell me what the note said." 

"I really can't," I said. "Sorry." 

Lafrindyx ran her fingers through her lustrous hair. That girl sure does have a stubborn streak in her. "Perhaps you can't tell me, but I'm going with you then. Whoever sent it can tell me herself. When do we leave?" 

Somehow I didn't think that bringing the princess along would be any better than explaining the note myself. However, taking her with me would appease her for the time being, and on our way there, maybe I could work out a safe way to lose her.  At least then she wouldn't run around telling people I had taken off with the Love Jewel. 

"Tomorrow afternoon," I told her.


The End

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