Problem Child VI

The early Mystic Fire Topazians had warmed the Jewel in between their hands, soaking it in their poison.  That was how they had birthed first the Citrinites and then the Garnetians. After that, the Jewel would no longer birth new Tribes. But maybe now... 

I smiled to myself, thinking how absurd it would be if I were to spawn a new Tribe here in my servant's bedroom. No one was watching; it couldn't hurt to give it a try. I cupped the necklace in my palm and slowly brought my other hand on top of it. Perhaps it was my imagination, but it felt warm already.  I glowed a bit brighter; was someone watching me?  Though the presence of life was strong, the only visible light source was myself as I let the poison engulf the pendant, dripping down my hand and onto the floor, coating it in a myriad of effects. The room got brighter and brighter with my anticipation—I was being so silly, getting all anxious like this, when most likely this was a copy or model designed for symbolic reasons, or even as a prank. 

That was when I realized that the room was far too bright for even the most tense of Tribe members. As bright as I was, the light seeping out from between my fingers was twice as much so. I opened my hands, breath catching in my throat, and instinctively closed my suddenly burning eyes. The pendant was glowing so brightly it was almost white. 

An inanimate object was glowing. It contained life—or at least the potential for life.  his had to be the Love Jewel. No other stone could burn so vivaciously.  So why wasn't another Tribe being born? 


Screaming sun in the sky. I almost dropped the Jewel.

The End

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