Problem Child V


I awoke. My little room was as bright as the throne room. I breathed slowly, allowing myself to dim down before the light from my room woke anyone else up. I didn't usually have such vivid dreams. The attack from this morning must have left an impression on me. 

In my dream, I had confused the heart pendant for the Love Jewel. The Love Jewel had been missing for centuries—nine, as the Citrinite in my dream had said. But still, the more I thought about it, the similarities were odd. The Love Jewel was supposed to be a heart the size of your palm that was carved of the very purest mystic fire topaz; at least, that's how the legend was always told. And wasn't that exactly what the heart pendant was? 

I slowly sat up in bed, groping for the robes I had tossed aside last night. The Love Jewel of Mystic Fire Topaz was the first one to be discovered, but it wasn't the only one in existence. There were eight in total, one for each parent tribe, but they had all disappeared around the same time. Citrine didn't have their Love Jewel any more than we had ours. 

Or did we? I held up the necklace again, watching it glint in the light from my body. If the Gemkeepers really did exist, then they would be the most likely to have access to the Love Jewels. And this, the first Love Jewel to ever birth a new Tribe, would make the ultimate jewelry for a Heartkeeper, whose special job it was to protect love, birth, and family. Perhaps the Gemkeepers needed me to protect the family structure of the Tribes. 

I let the pendant rest gently in the palm of my hand, large, virtually weightless, and pulsing with power.  How could I know if this was the real thing or not? I couldn't ask for another opinion; Gemkeepers were sworn to secrecy, and anyway, I didn't want to have this necklace taken from me just yet. 

The End

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