Problem Child III


The Citrinites were closing in from all sides; there was only yellow as far as the eye could see—yet from over there, I could see the panicked flare of a fellow Mystic Fire Topazian. 

"Lafrindyx!" I shouted. The Citrinites were gathering more tightly around me, their eyes glistening cruelly. Now they'd have their revenge for the millennia of oppression. 

I let the poison seep through my fingertips, running together, pink, purple, and teal, viscous and deadly. I hid my hands, watching for an opportunity. What had my training taught me to do in situations like this? If only I were a guard and really knew how to fight! Think, Anhia, think...if I can take one down, I can break out of the circle and get to Lafrindyx. 

Without warning, I lobbed a streak of poison at the nearest Citrinite; it struck him in the neck and he screamed, stumbling backward. 

Please let it be a good effect, I thought desperately, looking around for the next victim. The Citrinites around him had moved back a bit in surprise, lighting up with the sense of danger.  I eyed their hands; it wouldn't be long before they threw some of their own stuff back at me. The Citrinite effect was blindness, and I couldn't afford to lose my sight. I had to make my way over to that other mystic fire topaz light.  Lafrindyx's life depended on it. 

I launched another glob of poison at my enemies, moving my hand back and forth so as to hit several people in this round. It was always a dice roll with mystic fire topaz poison; you never knew the effect it would take on. I really hoped it didn't choose to emulate Emerald poison and hit them with nothing more than nausea. 

The End

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