Package VII

It couldn’t be true. But still I saw it: a team of knowledgeable, battle-hardened women, protecting secret treasures of untold power and preserving peace between the Tribes and throughout the Four Realms, and I was one of them, but no one knew! I’d be a spy, a hero, a sage, a fighter-disappearing mysteriously to travel the Four Realms, I’d have to think of quick escapes and solve problems at a moment’s notice...I’d have a secret so profound that not even Lafrindyx could know about it... 

Not even Lafrindyx. Not even the princess of Mystic Fire Topaz. Not even my dearest friend. 

I had forgotten the box...the box that must have contained the necklace. On a delicate silver chain, almost as thin as one of the hairs that I picked out of the princess’s hairbrush, hung a large heart-shaped pendant carved from mystic fire topaz. A drop of disappointment fell into my stomach. More mystic fire topaz? Everything in our Tribe was made out of that stuff. Couldn’t the Gemkeepers come up with something a little more exciting? 

I held the chain above my head so that the pendant dangled right at eye-level. This was the historical artifact, the necklace that was so powerful. I should be able to tell if this was some kind of prank or not, shouldn’t I? I was Mystic Fire Topazian myself. I should be able to recognize a special stone when I saw one...and this one, despite its plainness, did seem very familiar. Where had I seen it before...? 


I jumped; the box fell into the pile of mail with a loud crunch. The guard’s cry echoed off of the pristine mystic fire topaz walls and floors, off of the entire palace, off of my very soul. Something was wrong.

The End

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