Package V

“Nope, I’m just fine!” I chirped, flashing a smile. Please let him leave. 

I should have known better. “Are you sure? That looks like a lot!” 

“Nope! I’m fine! Thanks though!” 

“So how have you been? I didn’t see you yesterday...” 

That’s because I ran for the lavatory the instant I heard your deafening footsteps. “Oh, yeah, I was kind of busy.” I began to feel as though I was clutching the palace itself in my hands. Anyone could walk by. What if I dropped the package? How would I explain it? 

“Well, we should hang out some time and catch up,” Thyzen suggested. “Doing anything later?” 

“Ooh, I have the afternoon shift for throne room duty,” I said, trying to look regretful. I was definitely losing my grip on the package. 

“Darn. Well, I’ll keep in touch. Want me to go into that scary dark mail room with you?” 

“Oh don’t worry. I’m used to it.” He was going to insist, I knew it, how was I going to hide the package... 

A low beep sounded from somewhere inside Thyzen’s guard jacket. “Oh man, guess I have to go. Duty calls!” 

“Oh, too bad,” I said, careful to lace my voice with disappointment. “Catch you later!” 

I watched him walk away just to be sure. You could never tell with that one. Lafrindyx said he liked me, but I knew better. He was trying to win me over to get to her. And it really wasn’t working. Ah, well. He was harmless, I supposed.

The moment his footsteps were gone, I threw my shoulder into the heavy mystic fire topaz door of the mail room. (I should really alternate shoulders; my right shoulder gets sore from that very quickly.) At last, alone with my package. 

The End

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