Package III

She nodded, face still full of thoughts, and headed out into the throne room. I watched her go, slightly worried. She always made me worry. Just my age, and so much brighter, but somehow so I. I’d just have to make sure I was always there to look out for her.


I paused in front of the shimmering mirror. I’m not bad-looking, I decided. Not that there’s much room for variation among members of the same Tribe, though. Poison flowing through our veins and glowing through our transparent skin makes us all roughly the same color as our Tribe’s gem. Mystic Fire Topazians, as a general rule, glowed dark pink, dark teal, and dark purple. I myself am a little more on the pink side, but just slightly. Lafrindyx is more on the purple side, herself, which also explains why she is more beautiful-Amethystians are widely considered to be the most beautiful Tribe, and thus purple is a color associated with beauty down here in the Mine. 

What do I have to do today? I thought to myself, placing the hairbrush in its drawer. I didn’t have a morning shift lighting up the throne room; that was good. Standing there providing light with my luminescent body gets tiring after about an hour, and the shifts were usually three hours long. But somebody has to provide light down here, at least until the sun starts shining underground.

In the meantime, all I needed to do was collect the royal mail. That could take several trips, for obvious reasons. Out to the mail pit, in to the mail room. Out to the pit, in to the room. Out, in. How dull. It was on my third trip that I found it, buried among the envelopes and scrolls--a package. 

The End

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