Prologue II

"The Four Realms still need you, Pyra," Lumina said. "Don't cause us even more hurt now." 

Before Pyra could reply, three more women appeared in rapid succession: Nimba, Rose, and Aster. Nimba strode for the archway, gaining her own set of broad black bat's wings and dark aura. Rose hurried over to Pyra's crackling form, her face anxious. Aster joined Fria, watching Pyra and Rose anxiously. 

"It was Amoris," she murmured. 

Fria nodded, eyes glistening. They watched in silence as Rose spoke with Pyra, their voices too far away to be heard. Whatever Rose had said must have been comforting, because Pyra ceased burning and hugged her friend, sobbing inwardly but outwardly remaining strong. 

"She and Pyra were so close," Fria said. "It's really hard on her." 

"I know," said Aster. 

"You and Rose should change," Accenda said suddenly to Aster, standing up and closing her book. "Who else are we missing?" 

Rose and Aster passed through the archway, gaining their own sets of wings and auras—Rose's wings teardrop-shaped and silver, and Aster's pointy and blue like Fria's. 

"Luna," said Nimba. "She's the only one not yet here." 

As if hearing her name, Luna appeared. "I hope I'm not late," she panted. "Oh no, you're all here, oh please—" She looked around, then her voice caught in her throat: "Oh. It was Amoris." 

"Hurry up and change," Accenda said to her. She clutched the book to her chest. Books were her only comfort in times like these; they never changed or died, and the right ones could guide a person through anything—even this. "We need to get this meeting started." 

Luna trudged through the archway, laden with sadness, gaining the same half-moon-shaped wings that Accenda had, as well as her pure white aura. The seven women sat down in a circle, as they had done countless times before then. 

The End

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