Chapter Ten- The Elder

“Winter what did he mean when he said ‘goddess’?” Spring asked looking at the forest, after going to the top of the island. Spring wanted to ask what he meant, why did they call Winter something else.

“I don’t know, never heard the term before, but it sounds like ‘god’ just with ‘dess’ at the of it,” Winter didn’t know why he wanted to call them that, but they had to live with it.

“So Amarina,” Spring snickered at least it would make it easier for them, to tell them apart from their season.

“Carina,” Winter didn’t know why Spring was annoyed with the names, both of them have complained about their names.

“I wonder if he gave Summer and Autumn one?” Spring asked on one, but she didn’t think that Winter would know the answer.

“He did, everyone single one of us, even Luna,”

“Okay, he’s a strange little man,”

“Pot calling the kettle black,” Winter didn’t know why Spring was judging Narrie, when she should know what it feels like to be called crazy.

“Whatever, so what did he call everyone else?” Spring wanted to know, and she was surprised that Winter didn’t notice her hair colour.

“Sure… if you tell me why you have brown hair, when the last time I saw it you were blonde,” Winter noticed, she just didn’t care.

“Daisy, now I match my season more,”

“Dalman, Togar and Jannali,” Winter didn’t know why he changed their names, when he did. When he told her his reason, it made sense. Didn’t mean she liked it.

“He’s weird,” Spring muttered as sat in a tree. Her green magic went through the braces and it started to grow, the snow melted going into a hole in the ground, making a small river in the forest.

“Spring don’t melt all the snow at once,”

“Why not?” Spring didn’t know what she was talking about, weren’t they meant to get rid of the snow? So she had to rid of it slower, but what if she didn’t?

“The ground wouldn’t be able to get rid of it, so it’ll be like the river… just everywhere,” Winter slowly said in words, she was sure that Spring would understand.



“Winter just go,” Spring snapped getting ready to do her season; unlike Winter she had three months not a few weeks. Then again she had training while Winter didn’t.

“Fine, I’ll send Daisy when I see her,”


Winter flew over the ocean. When she crossed the middle of the planet, she Summer going to a small island.

“Hey Winter how did it go?” Summer asked as they met half-way.

“Fine yours?”

“Couldn’t melt the snow slowly,” Summer hated the fact that everywhere he went the snow just melted! If it wasn’t for Jared who froze the melted snow, then water would be everywhere.

“Its fine, Jared froze it?” Winter knew that Summer wouldn’t be able to control the rate that snow melted. She knew that after she saw him leave, and some of the snow melted. 

“Thanks for sending him, of course he froze it where you stay for your breaks,” Summer didn’t think Winter would mind, the girl had to get used to making snow and rain, where better than a place that was already cold.

“Better out of the way,” Winter didn’t care where Jared froze it; only that it was out of the way. Of course Winter might have more snow, but she was still learning and she hoped Spring melted it slower.

“We’ll need a plan with Autumn and Spring mess up,” Summer said he wasn’t as if he didn’t trust them, or didn’t have any faith. Summer went with his gut, and he had a bad feeling about this, so did Winter, since she kept looking behind her.

“You might want to go back to Jasmine,” Ashleigh said from Summer’s arms. She couldn’t fly, so Summer had to carry her around.

“Also nice place,” Winter said pointing to the small island, it was green from where she could see it, but Summer was able to get plants to fully wake up, while she put them to sleep, so it made sense when she thought about it.

“It is and humans won’t be able to see it,”

“Of course, sadly they can find mine,”

“But of course Winter, yours bigger than mine,” Summer didn’t mind the smaller space, since if he needed to, he could just go underground.

“Better get to Jared and Jasmine,” Winter didn’t need them going ‘mother hen’ on her.

“You should,”

“Good luck with training,”


Winter flew away from Summer and it took her about three hours to get to her place. Luna gave a section that they could stay when their season was done. Also a place where they could set up their courts, when there’s enough people to hold them.  

“Jared, Jasmine,” Winter shouted as she got to the icy landscape. The snow didn’t look like someone had walked on it; it was also somewhere that the humans would be crazy to come to.

“Winter did anything happen?” Jared asked as Winter looked around, they was more snow.

“Good job, on not letting the water rise too much,” Winter looked around at the floating ice, something might happen with them, but she would worry about that later.

“I would have put it somewhere else, but there was nowhere else to put it,”

“Its fine Jared,” the ice wasn’t even that large, they could be bigger and here she thought that they was going to be a lot of water.

“Most of it, is underneath,” Jared thought that it would be better if no one saw how big they were, and that they would take up less room.

“Of course, underneath the underneath,” That and they can’t be blamed if something happens, it’s not like they’re going to remember that there something under the water.

“What happened?” Jasmine asked something was wrong.

“Nothing… just a bad feeling,”

“Spring will be fine,”

“Jasmine, Spring’s not the one I’m worried about,” Winter had a bad feeling. Looking at the ice, she had a feeling that they were going to have to make more. She didn’t want to, but they might need to.  

The End

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