Chapter Nine- Kailea and Amarina

“I see,” Kamballa hummed they had gone in a cave, since Winter needed to make it rain. Looking at the water as it fall from the sky, she knew the child wasn’t lying.

“To think that this world was saved by children,” Athan said looking at the cave walls, this would be perfect for a tribe, expect the lack of water, would kill most of the children.

“The elder should talk to her,”

“Old man Narrie?” Athan asked very few lived to his age, sixty-five, most came close. Then they got caught by snakes or any other wild animal.

“Of course, the elder would be able to pass her story on,” Kamballa forgot how stupid her husband was, not all men were like this, it was just her luck that Athan wasn’t one of them.

“Is something wrong?” The two adults jumped at the sound Winter’s voice. The white haired girl walked into the cave, wondering why the two had stayed, didn’t they have a daughter?

“You need to see the elder, and you’re wet,” Kamballa said looking at the small girl.

“Rain, it does that,” Winter looked at the paintings on the wall. It looked like a message, in picture form. Dots and lines, making it seem like a camp site.

“It shows that someone used this for a tribe, before moving on,” Athan noticed that Winter was looking at the painting, there was one next to it, showing what animals lived around here.

“Of course,”

“It confuses me,” Athan said looking at the dirt wall in front of him; they needed to find something to eat, and instead found the new Winter spirit, whose name is Winter.

“We should go back,” Kamballa stated now that the rain stopped, but it seemed the young girl was making it rain somewhere else.

“Sure, I can help you catch something,” Winter knew that they were hunting because they needed meat, but now that that stage of the world’s tempter was gone. There might be more plants, so they didn’t need to eat just meat.

“If you want,” Athan said as they walked out, Winter unfroze they’re weapons when she was sure, that they weren’t going to attack her.


“So, what did you bring and what took you so long,” An old man said as they walked into his cave. Each mountain had a few caves, some were smaller than others and it was set on dark rock. Winter didn’t want to know how tall it was.

“We ran into someone,” Kamballa told him as she bowed. Winter looked at the old man. His hair was starting to go white, but there was black, here and there. Along with his bred that went to his knees. 

“White demon!”

“Narrie we don’t hurt children,” Athan reminded him while pulling Winter behind him.

“Children don’t have white hair,” Narrie shouted the rest of the tribe was getting water or looking for food. Athan and Kamballa were late, so they had more people look for food.

“Why don’t I tell him?” Winter asked the two in front of her “If he wants to listen, if he doesn’t I can leave,”

“I’ll listen, but if it doesn’t add up, I’ll kill you,” Narrie didn’t want anyone to hurt his people, everyone in his tribe where children and no one was going to hurt them.

“Of course,”

Narrie sat there, when Winter told him what happened. There was something about the white haired man, which made Winter want to tell him everything.

“White people are strange,” Narrie said breaking the silence. He didn’t know how parents could act like that, but there was something she sa-

“Yes there are four of us,”

“So what order are you going in?” Narrie asked Athan and Kamballa went to find their daughter, who was turning fifteen.

“We’re in the middle of the year. It would go Summer, Autumn, then I would go and finally Spring, the last two months would be Summer,” When Winter thought about it, Summer was the first and last season in the South, while it would be the same for her in the North.

“Of course Amarina,” Narrie knew that the girl sitting in front of him wasn’t normal. If she wasn’t a demon, then she had to be a god. Well a goddess since she’s female.


“It means rain, and you’re a Winter goddess, so we’ll need a have a name that’s not the same as the thing you bring,”

“So you’re going to name the season after me?” Winter asked as she looked at the paintings on the wall. Most seemed to be of animal prints, along with a giant painting of a snack.

“And the others,”

“So you’re going to tell everyone?”

“We have a tribal meeting in a month, so I’ll tell them,” Narrie knew that a white winter goddess wasn’t too hard to believe. Since most of the time the sun wasn’t out “Think you could tell me about the others?” 

“Of course,”


“Winter are you here,” Spring shouted as she walked around the tribe. It seemed that they lived in caves. That and most of the snow was gone making the river next to it.

“So must be Kailea’s friend,” A woman said a young girl walking behind her.


“Winter, but we didn’t want to mix her up with her season,” A man said holding a basket in his hands, with what it seemed fish?

“Where is she?”

“She’s talking to the elder, I’m Kamballa, my husband Athan and my daughter Kyleigh,” Kamballa said looking at the Spring spirit.

“We can show you the way,” Kyleigh said her dark brown eyes looking at Spring’s dark hair. Spring didn’t like having blonde hair, so she asked Daisy to change it.

The three showed her to a cave that was on the lowest level, made sense that the fittest lived at the top, while the elderly lived at the bottom.

“Hey Spring, it’s your turn?” Winter asked as she walked out of the cave. An elderly man behind her, he looked at Spring and Winter like he was trying to see something.

“So this is the goddess of spring,” He shouted “The goddess of winter and spring in the same day! How lucky are we,”

“So this is Kailea,” Kyleigh said as she looked at white hair girl “It fits,”

“We must get going,” Spring said she needed to get away from these people, who kept calling Winter, everything, but her name!

“See ya Amarina and Carina,”

Winter was going to have to explain this.   

The End

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