Chapter Eight- Spreading the word

“Jared, why don’t you go to the top?” Winter asked as they flew. Jasmine told them, that the land that the tribes lived in wasn’t the only one. Since Winter was still learning, she didn’t want an area to have two new seasonal sprits.


“Jared, it’s going to be a disaster with just me, let alone the both of us,”

“What am I meant to do?” Jared could see her point, but didn’t want to do nothing, then again he could tell anyone he came across.

“I don’t know, Jared, I don’t know,”

“I can suggest something,” Jasmine said from Winter’s arms, the two spirits might be able to fly, but she couldn’t.

“Of course,” Winter said as they landed. The snow wasn’t as thick here and it was at their home. She was starting to wonder, if they should give places names. It would make finding everyone so much easier.

“Jared, why don’t you talk to the others,” Jasmine wasn’t going to tell him to tell everyone what happened! Not in front of Winter anyway, she was sure that the others were the same.

“Sure, Jasmine what’s the brown or yellow stuff?” Jared asked as he was looking through the snow. He didn’t know what it was! All he knew was the snow, and you avoided it if it was yellow.


Winter nodded at what Jasmine said, looking around the area. She saw mountains and cliffs. She didn’t know how, she only knew that this land wasn’t meant to have snow, only this ‘sand’.

“I’m guessing I’ll need to make it rain, then Spring can get rid of any lingering snow,” Winter said, she guessed something might happen, if the snow was removed all at once.

“Of course, most of the snow and ice will go back to being water, too much and the land can’t take it all,” Jasmine reminded her, then she remembered that Luna never told them what they had to do, only that they needed to do it.

“I’m guessing you’ll be going Jared?” Winter asked, but then added “When my turn is over Jasmine will teach the two of us,”

“Of course,” Jared said as he two looked around the slowly melting snow. It seemed that they were in the middle of the large island.

“You’ll see Summer on your way up,”

“He’s still hot-tempered, isn’t he?” Jared said remembering all the times he had to go to the Seasonal tribe. He had respect for Summer and Autumn, they didn’t treat him any different.

“But of course, it’s Summer we’re talking about,”

“Good luck,” With that Jared was in the air, and flying towards the top. Winter looked at Jasmine, before looking at the land. She had a bad feeling, but she needed to get her job done.


“Of course Jasmine,” Winter said as she gently lifted herself from the ground, her dress moving across her legs. Her legs were longer than her mothers, and made up most of her height, but she didn’t care. It was easier to hunt, when you could run after your prey, who was faster.


The gently rain feel to the earth, moving the snow closer to the large river. Winter and Jasmine were moving across the land, when Winter discovered that she could spread her magic, and that she only needed to go places, where more control was needed.

“You’re doing well, Winter,” Jasmine didn’t know how long it took Soyala to learn control over her abilities, but then again she wasn’t thrown into it, like Winter was.

“Thank you I do- what the!” Winter couldn’t finish what she was going to say, because an arrow flew past her head, hitting the tree behind her.

“White demon,” A dark skinned woman shouted, her cloths covered her and she had scars on her arms, it showed how many fights she’d been in. Her partner looked like he had more muscle than brain.

“Demon? That’s Spirit,” Winter huffed. Sadly, the two didn’t care what she said she was, and the girl was loading her bow. Winter didn’t want to be hunted, as she had enough of it with her parents.

“Kill it,” The male shouted raising a wooden thing and throwing it, Winter flew into the air just in time for it to pass her, but she was almost hit when it came back.

“That’s it,” Winter shouted and froze girl’s bow and the boys stick. She also froze the weapons on their back, just in case they tried to kill her with that instead.

“What are you doing demon?” The girl shouted

“If I were a demon, why are you still breathing?” Winter asked the two, knowing that they wouldn’t have an answer. Jasmine ran into a nearby cliff, she didn’t want to leave Winter to the two, but she knew that she’d only make things worse.

“I, I don’t know,” The girl muttered the boy looked at her and it seemed she was in charge of the hunt, not the boy.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” The boy asked he didn’t know what the white haired girl wanted, but he wasn’t going to let her kill Kamballa.

“I’m here to bring rain and to remove the snow, this land wasn’t meant to have,” Winter knew that lying wasn’t going to get her anywhere.

“And how do we know that you’re not lying?” Kamballa asked her short hair brushing her ears.

Winter sighed as she landed on the ground. Kamballa may not trust her, but she still had a child and she looked almost the same age as her daughter.

“I have no reason to lie,” Winter didn’t care of they believed her; she only wanted to do her job.

“Tell us your name,” Kamballa demanded her husband stayed quiet, she didn’t know why she didn’t want to hurt the white haired child, but their people didn’t like hurting children.

“Winter Imani, may I have yours?”

“I’m Kamballa Wanbi, and this is my husband Athan,” Athan looked at his wife, than closely looked at the girl in front of them. White hair went to her knees, slightly cover large bright blue eyes. She was short, not even going to his shoulder. Her face had traces of baby fat; all in all she looked like a child.

“May we have your age?” Athan wanted to know if he almost injured a child, if she wasn’t than nothing would happen; if she was he was sure that something might happen.

“I’ve been a spirit for about two weeks,” Winter knew that wasn’t what he meant, but you didn’t give out your age willing. Besides Jasmine, they were the first ones to talk to her.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Kamballa snickered at her husband’s poor choice of words, and how Winter was able to twist them.

“Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine,”

“I’m twenty-eight, and Athan is about thirty,” Kamballa replied

“I’m fourteen, and sadly, I’ll never be any older,” Winter thought about the ones who wanted to live forever, but she didn’t want to. Now she was going to be fourteen for the rest of her life. Many will see her as a child.

“Want to tell us what happened?” Athan asked he knew for something like that to happen, they had to be a reason.

“Of course,” Winter didn’t any reason not to tell them, they might tell others. At first it was funny to see people freak out about the rain, but now it was getting old.  

The End

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