Chapter Seven- Ayden Phelan

“Okay, so do you want to tell me?” Ayden asked his son, as they were in the meeting room. Since he didn’t know what they wanted, he didn’t take them to his home. Instead he took them to the Village hall. It was a large building, which was where they had weekly meetings; the River tribe cared about what everyone thought, not like the Seasonal Tribe who were happy with one person making the rules.

“Of course,” Winter was looking around the large room. It was plain brown, since the whole place was made out of wood. Winter and Jared had to be careful; Ayden didn’t need the Village hall frozen. Rose and Alex were eating the first meal they had in twelve years.

“You remember Alex and Rose?” Jared asked they were going to have to tell him, what was going on. Unless, he or Winter wanted the twins wondering around for a few years, and that wasn’t an option, so they had to tell him the truth.

“Of course I remember them, hard not to,” Ayden always hated the fact that Seasonal tribe, thought they could make one of his sons; feel in love with their daughters, jokes on them, since Jared liked Alex, not Rose.

“Jared is a sprite,” Winter didn’t see the point of dancing around the subject. The way Ayden and Alex was looking at her; it was like she lost the plot.

“Winter, why don’t you let Jared and I deal with this,” Jasmine knew the girl was blunt, but not that blunt. That and she didn’t know about the seasonal naming. Jared was just calling the season after her, and he’d more than likely do it with the other three.

“Of course,” Winter knew she was going to mess it up… somehow. Then again, she didn’t blame Ayden, he didn’t trust her parents and anyone from the Seasonal Village wasn’t trusted, since they really never left. While Winter was lost in thought, Jasmine put her paws on her knees. She was hoping to put the girl to sleep; she really didn’t need Winter hitting Jared.

“Why did you put Winter to sleep?” Alex asked the golden fox, as he looked away from the giant fireplace. The fire was a light shade of blue and he was having a hard time seeing then bottom, until like the top which was a dark shade of orange?


“Seasons, what are they?” Rose didn’t know what she was talking about; in fact she didn’t know why the wolf was talking in the first place. Since Winter accepted Jasmine, she would too.

“There will be about four, we’re hoping that they’ll be names after the ones who controlled them,” It was the reason Winter needed to be asleep; Jasmine wanted it to be a surprise.

“So we’re in the middle of the Winter then,” Rose said. She was going to tell anyone she could about the Seasons and she hoped that they would spread it as well.

“At the end of it, then it’ll be Spring,”

“So Spring … who else?” Alex wanted to know who the other two were; they wouldn’t be able to tell anyone if they didn’t know themselves.

“The Seasons will go Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring,” Jasmin thought that was what Luna said, but then again the girl was gone, almost as quickly as she showed up.

“What’s the story?” Ayden wanted to know what happened, they didn’t write down many stories, but this one might be one, that they would want to keep.

“Who’s?” Jared didn’t know what his father wanted to hear. Was it Rose and Alex’s or Winter’s? Did he want to know both? Did he know what Jasmine was?

“Winter’s and then the twins,”   

“What about mine?” Jared was just joking around, but he wanted to see what his father would do. He also knew that Jasmine was going to have to tell the group’s story… well since Winter was still asleep.


“I see,” Ayden didn’t know if he believed it, but then again his son did have white hair and blue eyes, instead of the normal brown.

“So can we stay?” Alex asked looking at the wooden benches. He knew that Ayden would have a hard time believing it, so would he, if he didn’t come back from the dead, that it.

“Of course you can stay,”

“Thanks father,” Jared was glad that Rose and Alex didn’t have to try and find the mountain tribe, they liked to move around. The River and Seasonal Tribes liked staying in the one spot, but they will move, only when someone happens to their home and they have to.

“Of course, why would I make your lover leave?” Ayden loved messing with his son. Alex’s face went a bright red at being called Jared’s ‘lover’ and Jared went a dark shade of blue.

“Ayden… please stop messing with my brother,” Rose didn’t want Alex to faint, he looked thin, but he weighed a lot more than he looked.

“Of course Rose or should I say Arunima,” Ayden knew that he wouldn’t be able to call them by their names, to many people knew them… here and in their own tribe, as being dead.

“Of course,” Rose or Arunima told him, it was going to take a while to get use to the new names. They would get use to them, Winter needed to tell them when they were going to see her again.

“Arunima and Rishi Leaf, you’re now members of the River tribe,”

“What are our jobs?” Alex or Rishi asked, he wanted to be a healer and Rose was better at hunting.

“Healer and Hunter,” Ayden knew that the current healer was getting old and would mind having a helper. She wouldn’t care if Alex was a male, sadly, she could have to have two, since he was sure that Winter would make him into a sprite as well.

“What’s going on?” Winter hated the fact that Jasmine put her to sleep, lifting her head from the table.

“So you’re up?” Jasmine asked

“No thanks to you,”

“Winter, Ayden said we can stay in the village,” Rishi told his younger sister. Watching as she stood up, getting the sleep out if her limps.

“That’s good, Jared I’ll wait outside. We’ll have to start our job,” With that Winter walked out of the building, she hated the fact that her legs fault numb or her neck was killing her.

“Want us to tell the tribe?” Ayden asked

“And anyone you meet,” Jasmine replied, they would need to know, why the snow was melting. She hoped that they could do it at a slow pace. So they the land would remove the extra water.

“Goodbye Rishi, Ayden and Arunima,” Jared and Jasmine left to catch up with Winter. Ayden looked at the two, knowing that Lily would be here, in a few minutes.

“We have three new members,”

“Should we get started?” Arunima asked they were going to have to give Lily and new name. Along with telling her, what was going on.

The End

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