Chapter Six- The Past

“So you’re going to tell,” Winter told Jared to wait, but he wanted to know what happened. He knew the twins, and they wouldn’t have risked Winter’s life. Not like that anyway.

“Jared, they’ll tell when they’re ready,” Winter told the white haired boy.

“No, someone needs to know and now that they’re gone…” Alex wasn’t sure how they were going to tell them only that it was better for someone to know.

“Winter, we’re ready to tell,” Rose said as she pushed her shoulder length hair out of her face. She would have cut it shorter, but Dylan didn’t want her daughter looking like a boy, Alex was enough.

“Of course,”

“To understand why we did what we did, you have to understand how Dylan and Hunter treated us,” Rose didn’t like thinking about it, Hunter would say that she and Alex should swap gender since they looked like the opposite sex. 

“Hunter didn’t like the fact that I looked like a girl, and would often point it out,” Alex explained he started to ignore the man, when he just said the same things, over and over again.

“Dylan didn’t like the fact that I wanted to keep my hair short,” Rose remembered asking River to cut her hair, since she was the only one who didn’t fear Dylan or her rage.

“Dylan and Hunter would tell me that you two would act out on them, but I guess they were lying,” Winter never believed them anyway. River showed her a picture of the twins, that’s how she knew what they looked like. That and Hunter’s muttering about how he never wanted his son to be girly… again, it was the same with Dylan.

“Oh… it was the way you looked?” Jared asked he didn’t see anything wrong with the way they looked, but then again that would’ve been him.

“And the way we acted, we weren’t ‘happy’ and everyone was starting to clue in,” Alex told him, he didn’t know about it, but then again everyone was starting to think that something was going on about two before they dead or where killed.

“So know we know,”

“Okay, I’ll tell you,”


Alex and I were planning to go Hunting, since Hunter wanted him to act more like a ‘boy’ and less like a ‘girl’ what he didn’t know, was that Alex wanted to be a healer not a hunter.

“Rose… Alex,” Hunter shouted as he walked over to us, since we had already moved out. It took about a week to build our igloo, since we needed more with the both of us, but it was worth it, with the peace we got. 

“Hello father,” I said looking at Hunter’s thick brown hair. The thing was Hunter and Dylan didn’t look their age, and they would have played with that. If they didn’t have kids, sometimes they would tell everyone that we were their niece and nephew that our parents passed away. It made them sound better than they really were.

“Why don’t you smile,” I heard Dylan shout. I knew she wasn’t shouting at us, so that left one person. Dylan and Hunter didn’t yell at the other children, it was the reason that the others didn’t think anything was wrong.

“Father what is mother doing to Winter?” Alex asked. I wanted to know as well, since Winter was our little sister, Dylan was one of the lucky ones, since she survived giving birth, but she had twins and lived.

“Winter is a cold child; no one will look at her, if she doesn’t learn to smile,”

“There’s nothing wrong with her,” So he was trying to get the River tribes son, interested in Winter. He’s about sixteen, and Winter’s two. It was another reason to hate him.

“Mama,” Winter screamed as a loud slap was heard, I hated hearing that. She knew that I would hit back, but I wasn’t going to let Winter go through that, not when we could stop. So Alex and I started planning. We were going to run.


“So you didn’t kill yourself?” Jared asked he was glad that Alex didn’t try to kill himself, for ten years he blamed himself, in fact till about five minutes ago he still blamed himself.

“That was what you got out of it,” Winter didn’t know what was going through his head, when he asked that question. Then again she didn’t love anyone… she couldn’t judge.

“Winter, please leave him alone,” Alex begged he didn’t know what his little sister had planned, but it wouldn’t be good.

“I was planning nothing,”

“Sure you were,” Jared didn’t want to know what want through Winter’s head, didn’t want to know when she had brown hair, now that she had white, he wanted to know even less.

“So you don’t want to know what happened on the day?” Rose asked she only told him what happened the day before, she and Alex stayed up most of the ‘night’ planning on how they could get to the River Tribe.

“So course,” Jared wanted to know, he was glad that Dylan and Hunter weren’t here anymore. At first he felt bad about it, and then he really didn’t care.

“Okay, why doesn’t Rose continue?”


“Come one Winter,” Alex said, Winter was still half-asleep, but we didn’t want Dylan or Hunter finding out, we could have left when night was coming, but we didn’t have a plan. Winter had always been small, at two she was the size of a six month baby.


“Trust us,” I told her, she didn’t know what was happening, but she nodded climbing into Alex’s arms. We needed to get out of the house as quickly as we could. Alex and I knew that Hunter would have no problem dealing with us… and telling everyone that it was an accident, and that we were trying to help the tribe when something went wrong. The said thing was that they would believe him. 

“Come on Rose,” Alex said as I put a bag over my shoulder. We needed to get past the Seasonal River and that was a few hours away from the village. It was close enough for water, but I still don’t understand why we weren’t closer.

When we got to the river, we heard someone behind us. Looking at the trees, I saw Dylan’s long brown hair. Not checking the ice, we ran across it.

“Rose, Alex you’re trying to get rid of your sister?” Dylan had a bow and arrow across her back, she didn’t care if we lived or died, but Winter was different. She was still young enough that she could be ‘taught’ how to be a lady, even if she did know how to hunt.

When Hunter taught Alex and I how to haunt, Dylan didn’t think I’d like it so much. I would go whenever I had the change; it was a way to get away from them. It was just Alex and the animals.

We didn’t answer her, instead we continued towards the River tribe. About ten minutes away from it, an arrow passed my head. Turning around Dylan and Hunter stood there, matching smiles on their faces.

“Okay, put Winter down,” Hunter was the tribal leader and wasn’t used to people not doing what he told them to. To put it shortly, he wasn’t happy when we said ‘no’. 

“Dylan get rid of them,”

We didn’t have enough time to run, so when Dylan stood an arrow for the mountain behind us. We never had a change. The snow covered us. Alex covered Winter, before it landed. That was the last thing we saw, we couldn’t move, our arms and legs were frozen. We died… hours later.


“Then how am I still here?” Winter asked when Rose finished telling them about how they died. She never told them, how she was still here. Dylan and Hunter were horrible, but they wouldn’t leave they own… never mind they would.

“I’m guess they got you when they snow fall, but left Alex and Rose,” Jasmine stayed quiet since Winter got back from the river. She didn’t feel any towards the two, but if what Rose and Alex said was true, then she was glad.

“We’re almost there,” Jared hated thinking about what happened. They were coming to his village, and no one thought it was strange? That were they were found was one of the only paths to get from the Seasonal Tribe to the River Tribe, did they trust Hunter that much?

“How are we going to tell your father?” Winter asked Jared. He knew the man more, and she didn’t want to mess it up. This was her family she didn’t want them hurt … again.

“Don’t worry Winter,”

“Jared how did your hair change?” Ayden asked as he left his house “Rose… Alex?”

Jared didn’t know what to do, yes he knew his father the best. Ayden started laughing, making everyone look at him.

“What’s funny?” Winter didn’t see the joke, so she hoped that Ayden would be kind enough to kill them, what was so funny.

“Come in and we can talk,”

The End

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