Chapter Five- Hunter and Dylan's Demise

“Winter, what happened?” Rose asked pushing her brown hair out of her face; she kept it short because it was easier to deal with.

“Hunter and Dylan fall through the ice,” Winter didn’t know what to feel about their death, but sadness wasn’t one of them.

“So… we don’t have to worry about them,” Jared never liked them, but he didn’t want anyone to die. If Winter was the one who did it, she was going to feel guilty.

“Pretty much,”

“Did you do it, Winter?” Rose wanted to make sure. Hunter and Dylan, Winter didn’t need their death on her soul.

“No,” Winter replied they were close to the river; the mountain was close about three trees away from the River, so the two could see them.

“How?” Jasmine had a good idea about what happened, but she wanted Winter to tell her.

“Thin Ice,”

“How did ‘thin ice,’ kill them?” Jared didn’t live near large bodies of water; it was funny since he was part of the ‘River’ tribe.  

“They walked on it, and then they drowned,” The ice wasn’t able to take Lily’s weight, let alone two full grown adults.

“That made sense,” Rose knew that river, and she had seen many fall into the cold water under it, the adults may have called it ‘Seasonal,’ but the children called it ‘the river of death,’ since many had died on it. Mostly adults, since the ice couldn’t take their weight.

“That started happening when we were six,” Alex remembered the first person to fall through the ice, it was a whole family. Luna’s aunt and uncle walked on it, and they fall through taking their three year old son with them.

“What happened that day?” Jared wanted to stop talking about Hunter and Dylan, and that river. Sadly, if he wanted to know what happened to Alex and Rose, they were going to have to tell him about both.

“To know what happened that day…” Rose wasn’t able to say the whole thing, she hated thinking about that day and the one before it, how dare they do that to them, and Winter.

“We’ll have to tell you what happened the day before,” Alex finished this would be the first time; someone knew the truth, not the lie that Hunter and Dylan told everyone.

“We’ll give you time to think about it,” Winter knew this was going to be hard; they would need to think about it, that and they needed a story. Coming back from the dead, no one was going to believe that.

“What are we going to tell my father?” Jared asked Winter, he wouldn’t have known what happened to him.

“We’ll talk to him. We’ll need to come up with a story for the twins,”

“Why?” Alex asked why couldn’t they just tell them what happened… what it did sound crazy and some tribes got rid of crazy people, unless they were old and then it was just their age.

“Really Alex?” Rose didn’t know why he asked silly questions, only that he did and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Sorry Rose,”

“You’ll need new names,” Winter could remember some of their fights, Rose usually won, but sometimes Alex knew more about… whatever they were fighting about.

“And a new last name, if you don’t want to be sent back to the Seasonal tribe,” Jared didn’t want them to go back. No one would believe them, if they told them what Hunter and Dylan were really like.

“Okay,” The twins said forgetting what they were fighting for. New names… they didn’t know what they could change them to.

“Let’s see, you’re from a forgotten tribe,” Winter remembered Leaf’s tribe and she knew that he wouldn’t mind if they used it. It was too keep someone safe, and Leaf was kind.

“I know and your parents passed away a few years ago,” Jared knew that his tribe would take them in; his father knew who Alex was.

“What tribe?” Rose didn’t want to say a tribe that was well known; because it could be proven that they didn’t come from that area.

“The Light tribe,”

“The who,”

“My point,” Winter hated the fact that they were forgotten, and they knew where it was. They just didn’t know that a village was there, and not some random sign.

“So the light tribe, and we need names,” Alex didn’t know what they were going to be, but he trusted Winter, if it wasn’t for her, they’d still be dead. It was a fact and he couldn’t deny it. Why did they have to kill them? Other what? Because they didn’t like the fact the Dylan was hurting Winter? That they didn’t like the fact, that Hunter was calling them names?

“Arunima and Rishi Leaf,” Winter thought about names for a minute. Arunima meant ‘Early Morning Sunlight’ and Rishi was ‘Sage, Ray of light’ meaning their parents thought about their names. The last name was a way to tell Leaf that she gave them the names.

“What?” They didn’t know what Winter was talking about… names. Where had she thought up Arunima and Rishi? And Leaf? It was almost as bad as River’s name.

“Rose is Arunima and Alex is Rishi, if you’re from the ‘Light Village,’ then your names have to match,” Winter didn’t see the problem if the ones she gave them.

“What does Arunima mean?” Rose was curious. Arunima had something to with light, the same with Rishi, but Alex could ask what that meant.

“Early Morning Sunlight,” Winter didn’t know how she got the names and she didn’t know why she knew the meanings.

“Rishi?” Alex loved the way it sounded and if become what Jared was then he’ll keep it as a middle name or something.

“Sage, Ray of Light,”

“Suits,” It really did suit him, or Jared thought it did. He was a ray of sunshine. He was going to have to keep these thoughts to himself.

“We need to get to Jared’s Village, and you’re going to have to tell him what happened,” Winter knew that they were going to find out, but she didn’t know. If it was going to make her hate Hunter and Dylan even more than she already did.

“What are you?” Alex didn’t know what his baby sister was, but she wasn’t human, not like he and Rose were.

“I’m a Crystal Spirit,” Winter replied she didn’t know what they were going to call Jared. He wasn’t a Crystal Spirit…

“I’m a Crystal Sprite, for the lovely Winter,” Okay, that made sense; Winter thought Jared was going to say something silly like… “And a Winter Sprite,” like that.    

“Let’s get going,” Winter knew this was going to be a long day… a very long day.

The End

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