Chapter Four- Rose and Alex

“So Jared how are you?” Winter asked as they go to the Seasonal River, she doesn’t know if Hunter and Dylan can see her.

“I’ve been better, but why did I change,” Jared didn’t know how to feel about the white hair, he looked old, then again Winter had white hair as well, and she still looked like a child.

“Soyala told me that it was too fit out powers, since we control snow, our hair is the same colour as it,” Winter remembered what she told her, they were able to talk to her, like she was able to talk to Rose and Alex. Soyala also told her that she was going to train her in her ‘mind scape,’ she didn’t know what it meant, but they knew what they were doing.

“That makes same sense,”

“Winter, Jared why are we coming here?” Jasmine didn’t know, why they wanted to come here, wasn’t it where Lily died.

“Alex and Rose,” They needed to go to the place they died, and it was near the Seasonal River. That was how; Jasmine was able to bring back Lily, because it was where she passed.

“I’m guessing that you know where they passed?” Jasmine never asked what happened when her older siblings passed away, but she guessed that she was going to find out.

“I was there,”

“Sorry about that Win,” Jared didn’t know Winter was there, she never told him. Something must have happened for them to try and kill their two year sister. Jared didn’t think he could hate Dylan and Hunter anymore, but he was wrong.

“I never told anyone,” Winter didn’t want to relive what happened. Hunter yelling and screaming at Alex, Dylan doing to the same with Rose, both had enough and they didn’t want her to live like that.

“So what happened?” Jared needed to know, what pushed Alex to take his life, what caused Rose to agree.

“You can ask when they come back,” Winter didn’t know, she was two years old, all she remembered was Hunter and Dylan yelling as they ran for it.

“Did they really kill themselves?” From what Winter told her about Alex and Rose, it seemed out of the blue.

“I don’t know,”

“Where did it happen?” If Jared knew where it happened, then he might be able to kill, if they were trying to kill themselves and of course Winter wouldn’t have known she was two!

“We’re almost there,” Winter knew it was a few feet from the river and in the same direction Lily had ran… the direction of the River tribe. 


“So this is it?” Jasmine asked as she looked at the large mountain “You may as well do some duties while we’re here,”

“It’s already snowing, so what do I need to do?” Winter didn’t know, there was more than enough snow on the ground.

“You can have snow clearing rains,” Jasmine couldn’t help, but curse Luna, did she really think that they were going to able to use their powers, after three minutes of having them. She thought Winter’s display would have shown her that they’re emotions were controlling their powers, not them.

“Okay,” Winter let the wind pick her up, she loved flying. The sense of freedom of letting someone else take responsibility, while you were lost in your thoughts. Winter flew to the clouds; to make it rain all she needed to do was cool down the water that was already up there.

Cooling down the area around her, white mist started to form. River called them clouds, Winter knew that she couldn’t cool them down too much, or else snow would fall to the land. She also knew that rain wouldn’t fall as she cooled down the air. It took about a few hours for the clouds to form, when they become too heavy, that’s when it started to rain. Winter simply quickened the progress, once she had full control over her powers, that’s when she could make it rain – when it was needed.

Once Winter was done cooling down the air, she went back to the ground. When she landed she saw her brother and sister, it looked like they were asleep, but Winter knew better.

“Nice going Winter,” Jared whispered he was nervous about talking loudly here; Alex was as cute as he was before he passed away, so was Rose.

“I don’t want to know what you were thinking,” Winter said as she caught Jared looked at her brother, while he’s checks going a light shade of something, Winter didn’t know the colour.

“What’s going on?” Rose asked as she sat up, her brown hair going to her shoulders. She didn’t know what was going on. Opening her eyes, she saw two people with white hair, white, and the female didn’t look older than Winter.

“Rose, what’s with the noise?” Alex asked as he sat up.

“Welcome back to the world of the living,” Winter didn’t know how they’d react. She also didn’t know if they recognised her.

“Winter!” The twins shouted Winter had to freeze the snow on top of the cliff to stop it from falling onto their heads, killing Rose and Alex… again. Jared might have dead, or Jasmine, but Winter was already dead, how does something dead, die?

“Don’t shout,” Winter simply said Alex and Rose looking at the ground, their faces a bright red. Jared had to laugh at the display, usualy Alex was telling Winter not to do anything dangerous, but Winter was telling Alex.

“Jared?” Alex couldn’t believe that the white haired male was Jared Phelan. What was his sister planning?

“Alex,” Jared pulled the brunette into a hug, causing him to go a darker shade of red. Rose and Winter giggled at the two, it seemed that the long lost lovers find each other.

“Alex! Rose!” Someone shouted when the four turned around to see who it was, Jasmine had ran up a tree, because she heard someone coming.

“Hunter,” Winter didn’t want to see her father, she may be related to him, but she didn’t like him. She made her life… let’s just say; she didn’t know why she was still breathing around him.

“Who are you?” Hunter asked the pale girl, he never saw someone that young with white hair, so she must be as wish as River, that’s what white hair meant. In fact, they were looking for River; she’s been missing since last night.

“Winter,” She wasn’t going to tell him her last name; he could think she was homeless, Winter honestly didn’t care.

“Jared,” Helping Rose and Alex to their feet, they hid behind him. Alex hated his father, while Rose didn’t like him. Like how Rose hated their mother, but Alex just disliked the woman.

“How are Rose and Alex back! I thought they were dead, saw them die,” Hunter hated the fact that they tried to run away, but found it funny that they were killed. He told everyone in the village that it was a hunting accident, so they didn’t ask questions.  

“I brought them back,” Winter didn’t want Hunter to know about Jasmine, he’d just kill her. Any way it was funny to the man’s face and she didn’t know why he was treating her with respect.


“Why not?”

“Because Alex is girly,” Hunter didn’t know why, she had brought them back. He didn’t care how she brought them back, only that she did.

“You’re stupid,” Winter looked at the others, she was going to tell Jared to take Rose, Alex and Jasmine away from here, but he seemed to already know.

“Don’t you dare talk to my husband like that,” Dylan shouted as she walked over to Hunter. Jared took the others and ran.

“Why not?” Winter asked she was trying to stop the two, from looking behind her, if they didn’t look behind her, then they wouldn’t see that the others were missing. Hunter anyway, she wasn’t sure about Dylan.

“You just can’t,” Dylan didn’t like this girl, walking over to her. She was going to pay, no one talked to her husband like that, he was a tribal leader! He deserved respect.

“That’s not an answer, nor is it an excess,” Winter knew this was going to end badly, not for her, but for them.

Hunter and Dylan looked at each other, before running towards the girl, she knew something and they weren’t going to let her tell others. This was going to be her last day, she better hope that she comes up with something.

Winter knew what was going on, when Hunter and Dylan started running. She also knew that the ice was weak, and wouldn’t take their weight. A loud crack was heard and then a splash. All Winter did was stair at the water, water fall down and she followed the path Jared went down.

At least Rose and Alex didn’t have to live in fear.

The End

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