Chapter Three- Winter Sprite

Winter and Jasmine walked out of the cave, the first thing Winter saw was that it was still night. Looking up at the sky, Winter saw what Jasmine told her about. So Luna wasn’t staying on the earth, it made sense, in a way.

“Winter, for a few days, I’ll grant any wish that you may have,” Jasmine walked in front of Winter, pulling the pale skinned girl, out of her thoughts.

“Are you sure,” Winter didn’t know if she could accept it, she was sure that they were things that Jasmine couldn’t do, like control others.

“Of course I’m sure,” Jasmine would never understand this girl, she was sure that the others were happy with it.

“Basic knowledge,” Winter knew that she didn’t get the training time, which Spring and Autumn got. She didn’t want to hurt anyone, but Winter wanted to learn how to control her powers, not have someone hand it to her.

“Of what?”

“On how to control my powers,”

“Only basic?” Jasmine could have thought that she could have wanted to have full control over her powers, like most of the other trainees. They learnt that just because you know all the theory behind it, doesn’t mine you can do it.  

“It’s easier to focus on the basic’s and I want to learn how to fully control my powers, myself. Anything else, and I may as well do nothing,”

“Of course, Winter,” Jasmine knew that the girl was wise, but not this wise. Anyone else would have asked for something for themselves first, then about their powers.

“Can you bring back the dead?” Winter didn’t know if she could or would, but Alex and Rose didn’t need to die, if Jasmine didn’t want to. Winter would tell her that Rose and Alex would become sprites, and that might help.


“Alex and Rose my older siblings. I was wondering if you could bring them back,” 

“I did bring back Lily,” Then again Jasmine never told her, she also thought that it would be for the best, if Winter didn’t know about her checks turn a soft purple.

“Before you bring back, Alex and Rose, I want to see something,” Winter wanted to see if Jared still loved her brother. The world would wait a bit, that and everyone was still asleep.

“Who do you want to see?” Jasmine didn’t know about Alex and Jared, she didn’t who Alex was until Winter told her, that he was an older sibling. She knew who Lily was Spring told her, when Winter was asleep.

“Jared,” Winter didn’t know how to tell her the whole story, but she would have to tell her.

“You can tell me on the way,” Jasmine didn’t know what was going on, but sometimes it was okay to want things for yourself. The world was being iced over for a few thousand years, it can handle a few more days.

“Of course, besides Alex and Jared’s story is very interesting,” Winter thought it was, Jared falling in love with a boy, Alex doing the same thing. Jared’s father accepted it, while Hunter didn’t even know.


“Jared!” Winter shouted as they landed in the River village. Lily wouldn’t have made it, yet. From the Seasonal Tribe to the River Tribe it took about ten days, so far it’s been about three.

“Winter be quiet,” Jared shouted from the door. Jared was only sixteen when he met Alex, and it’s been about twelve years since he’s death. Making Jared about twenty-eight. He was still the same, about six point two foot in height, with the same brown eyes and hair. Like everyone else, he was pale, not as much as the Imani family, but close enough.   

“Long time, no see,” Winter hasn’t seen him in about three years. Hunter was still trying to get Jared to marry either Lily or Winter.

“Win, your hairs white and your eyes are blue,” Jared didn’t know about the change in appearance, but her mother came here about a month ago, saying that Winter had killed Lily. Running off, because she knew she did it. Jared didn’t trust the woman, knowing that Winter would never hurt her family and that they was more to the story.

“I know,”

“Want to tell me why,”

“It’s a long story,” Winter didn’t know if Jared wanted to know what happened, or if he just wanted to know what happened to her hair.

“I have the time,” Jared wanted to know if Dylan was lying, since she could lie without shame, he knew that they drove Alex to kill himself. He wanted nothing to do with the Seasonal tribe, but Alex loved Winter, so he didn’t. He also couldn’t believe what Winter told him, but unlike Dylan, Winter didn’t lie, unless she needed and he saw no reason for her doing so.

“That’s what happened, Jasmine do you know who to make another spirit?” Winter wanted to make Jared one and then when Alex was old enough, him as well. No one would be able to pull them apart.

“Spite, that’s what they’re called,” Jasmine didn’t know if they would use the ranking system here, but it was easy to see who was in charge, if they did.

“Winter what are you talking about?” Jared didn’t know how to feel about this, maybe Winter left something else, because she didn’t want his spirits going up to high.

“Jasmine gave me a few days where I can wish for anything I want, I’m bringing back Alex,” Winter didn’t know what his reaction was going to be, but it was funny.

“Really, and what does that have to do with ‘sprites,’ or me,” Jared didn’t know what Winter was going to do, but she usually never acted from her emotions, but from reason.

“Alex is going to be fifteen, being a sprite means you can’t age. You’ll have to wait about seven years, but then Alex will join us, if he wants,”

“So, I can be with Alex?” Jared wouldn’t believe his ears. He didn’t care that he was going to be immortal, if Alex was going to be with him. He’d do anything.

“Of course,”

“That’s my answer,”

“Winter, do make a sprite,” Jasmine was going to tell her what to do; she only needed a basic understanding on how her powers worked. It meant that Jared was going to be weaker than her, but he would be able to control what section Winter gave him “You need to give him part of your power,”

“Okay,” Winter took Jared hands, concerting on her blue magic. Carefully and slowly she let it go into Jared’s body. Until she knew more, it was the only way to transfer her energy.

“Good, now let it enter Jared’s body, since he wants this the energy will be accepted. The only time that you don’t need their acceptance is if their dying,” Jasmine didn’t want Winter to mess up, she also didn’t want to tell her what happened if she did. Winter would have to know, but after she was done.

Winter didn’t know about Jasmine’s thoughts, she only thought about her blue magic. So far she was slowly adding energy; she knew that it would take a bit. Since it was Winter down here, she didn’t have to do much.

Jared didn’t know that his hair was slowly turning white, his eyes turning a light shade of blue. He didn’t know what Winter was doing, but he no longer felt cold. At first he was scared, but then again. He was a Winter sprite, and they didn’t feel the cold.

“Okay you’re done,” Jasmine knew that Winter was going to pick something up really quickly. They were going to need help, if they were going to keep this world balanced. 

The End

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