Chapter Two- Make A Wish

“They might be a way,” Jasmine knew that they were going to need help, it seems that Luna thought they had control over their powers, even though they just got them.

“What?” All four of them asked Jasmine was better than Luna, inside of just telling them what they had to do; she was giving them a way to do them.

“I’ll call three of my friends; do you know the difference between female and male nomads?” Jasmine asked as she called her friends, it was important for them to know the difference. Females were a bit small, and thinner, but they were built to do different things.

“Size,” Spring said that was all she knew, in fact she didn’t know about the Nomads of Light, until this occurred.

“That’s not the only thing,” Jasmine was going to tell them anyway, so she might as well have some in teasing them.

“I’m sorry Jasmine, but we don’t know,” Winter wanted to know, before now, Luna was the only one who accepted her, not counting family, now four did and the Luna didn’t. She didn’t know who she could trust anymore.

“Our abilities, males farm and fight, while females grant wises, my friend and I are going to help you. They were the closets to the Seasonal Nomads,”

“That’s what we should call our abilities, Seasons,” Spring said she didn’t think of their tribe, as far as they were concerned they didn’t exist. What did Luna mean physically dead?

“What did Luna mean when she said ‘Physically dead’?” Autumn asked. He kept thinking about what she told them, but something didn’t add up, she said they were like her, after telling them that she had physically died.

“To become this you had to die, Summer you burned to death saving a child, Spring you pulled a young women out of the way, away from falling rocks, Autumn stopped someone from falling from a cliff. Winter died saving her sister,” Jasmine hated telling them that they died and the test killed them, even when they thought they were alive.

“So we had to touch the crystals, or else we’d just be ghost,” Autumn said. It really didn’t take a genius to work that out.

“I should have warned you,” Jasmine hated the fact that she couldn’t tell them, what was going to happen, but even she didn’t what was going on. Soyala never told her, and she was sure, that she and her brother went through the same thing.

“It’s okay Jasmine, you have a reason,” Winter knew, because some people did things with a reason, and Jasmine was one of them, in fact all of the golden wolves were.

“How about I tell you about the Seasonal Nomads?”  Jasmine thought that this might help them, with the control of their own powers.

“Sure,” Spring said a giant smile on her brown face.


“Jasmine, what’s wrong?” Someone shouted as they ran towards them, it was three small wolves about Jasmine’s size, two were a little bigger. They were also the same gold colour, through all three of them had a birthmark.

“Ashley, Daisy, Fauna,” Jasmine looked at her friends, and at the birthmarks that gave them their names, she had a birthmark of a piece of jasmine on her shoulder “This is Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn,” 

“That’s nice Jasmine, but what’s wrong?” Ashley said Jasmine wouldn’t have called them without a good reason, at least she better have a good reason.

“They’re Crystal Spirits, while they’re friend is the Moon Spirit,” Jasmine explained, Ashley would do well with Summer, both having quick tempers.

“That explains the snow slowly melting up here, the humans think it’s the act of ‘god’ or something like that,” Daisy growled if there was a god, he didn’t do anything. They created this planet, and who gets the credit? A lazy fat ass.

“Daisy that’s only one group of people,” Fauna reminded her, in fact about three minutes ago, the world split, well finished three minutes ago, took a few weeks.

“So?” Ashley didn’t see why they were there, just because… never mind, she knew.


“Don’t worry I know!” Ashley shouted cutting Jasmine off from what she was going to say. There were times that she hated her temper and other times, it just got her either in or out of trouble.

“So, can you help?” Jasmine didn’t know, where this was going to go, but she needed their help. Pride was nothing, not if they had no idea what they were doing.

“What do you need our help in?” Fauna asked she didn’t mind helping, but she needed to know what she was helping with.

“Fauna has a point,” Daisy didn’t really agree with Fauna, but sometimes, just sometimes she had good ideas and it would be silly to ignore them.

“Okay, this is the problem…”


“So they need help,” Daisy never was one of the brightest, and she could be blunter than a ruler. Don’t get them wrong, Daisy was very kind and if violence could be avoided, she would.

“Yes Daisy she just said that,” Ashely growled at her.

“Ashely, there’s no need to be mean,” Fauna tried to calm the angry female, whose fur was going from a golden colour, to a bright red.

“So will you?” Jasmine knew what Fauna was doing, but also knew that it wasn’t going to work. Ashely just liked snapping at people and Daisy… was a bit of an air head.   

“Jasmine, what are we going?” Winter was getting sick of the game they were playing, Spring called it tick-tack-toe, Winter saw it as an exercise to draw X’ and O’s into the ground.

“I’m surprised none of you said anything,” Jasmine was surprised, she told them what happened, then Ashely had to tease Daisy, and they were only starting to say something?

“We were playing a game,” Spring won about three of their games “I won three games, Autumn won about two as well. Summer won four, while Winter won five, about six games were draws,”

“I was getting sick of it,” Winter never wanted to play that game, ever again.

“Jasmine we’ll help,” Fauna said looking at the four new crystal spirits “At lease I will,”

“I’m in. Can’t let you have all the fun,” Ashley didn’t want to get left out of anything.

“Of course I’ll help,” What did they take her for, Daisy thought on of her best friends was asking for help, and she thought that she’d get turned? Silly Jasmine.  

“Thank you,” Jasmine was glad that her friends were helping otherwise; she didn’t know if she could deal with all four of them. Most of the time, their personalities clashed. One of the reasons it hadn’t happened was, because they had something on their mind and it was more important than fighting with each other. 

“Who are we helping?” Fauna didn’t care who she helped, but Jasmine shouldn’t put Ashley with someone who was weak hearted, nor should she put Daisy with anyone with a quick temper.

“Ashely can you help Summer,” Jasmine had to think about it, both had quick tempers so they wouldn’t try and get the other mad “Fauna can you help Autumn, and Daisy can you do the same with Spring,”

“It’s very nice to meet you,” Daisy was happy when she went over to the brown skinned girl, at least she looked a lot less scary than the red haired one.

“It’s very nice to meet you as well; do you want to go somewhere, less cold?” Spring didn’t want to stay here, longer than she had to.

“I now the perfect place,” Daisy loved the island. It was strange that no one else could get to it, but it was better for her, even if the boats sink. The island was perfect for Spring and Summer to stay at, since it was warm, most of the time.

“Okay,” Spring walked over to the golden wolf and the two disappeared leaving behind two flowers.

“Sunflower and a Lily,” Ashley snorted walking over to the red head “I’m Ashley, unlike your friend. You have to learn on the job, we should go,”

“Of course,” In a flash of heat, Summer and Ashley were gone.

“Show offs,” Winter muttered after the four were gone. Flowers and heat, what were Autumn and his partner were going to do?



“Let’s get a move on,” Fauna wasn’t going to waste time; in a few weeks it was going to be their turn. Then Ashley and Jasmine could train Summer and Winter, without worrying about who was going to get hurt.

“Of course,” With that Autumn and Fauna were gone, leaving orange and brown leaves. Winter looked at Jasmine, and then at what the other three left behind. Show offs the lot of them.

“It’s a good thing that we’re already in the south, isn’t it?” Jasmine didn’t know about Winter, but she was glad that they didn’t have to go to the other side of the world. 

The End

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