Chapter One- Moon Spirit

Winter and her friends have put a stop to the cold Winter, but now they need to make sure that it doesn't come back. Each is given a part of the world that they can stay when it's their off-season. Luna comes back, and tells them that she no longer lives on this world, but somewhere else, but they need to start planning. After Children of Frost.

“Luna?” Winter asked wondering if she’s really there or if it’s some cruel joke. Yet, Winter never saw any one with silver hair. It was different; then again she was completely different.

“Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn,” Luna said looking at her friends; she hadn’t talked to them since Gaia tried to kill her, try being the important word. If Winter didn’t walk away when she did, the moon wouldn’t have been made, it was the first word on her mind, when she left the earth.

“What’s going on? You’re dead,” Summer yelled. They saw her dead body, she made a fourteen year old cry, because she thought that she was the reason Luna had died, but to find out that wasn’t true, that she was alive, or as alive as any of them.

“My physical body, the same with the rest of you,” Luna was wondering why no one told them that they had to die, to become this? Of course, Jasmine didn’t have enough time.

“We meet again Luna,” Jasmine walked over to Winter, and sat near her feet. She never liked this girl, and had a feeling that she wasn’t going to do much.


“Why are you here?” Spring asked she couldn’t believe that her sister was here, she couldn’t believe that she never told them, Gaia tried to kill them and she never showed up “Why?”

“Why, what Spring, I can’t read minds,” Luna didn’t know why they were surprised that she was here, sure they were friends, but now she had a job. Looking over the world and seeing how things can be stopped, but now they had to make sure that the world was balanced.

“You never told us,” Winter snapped. It wasn’t her fault that Luna died, but she had to work that herself, than she just comes back, without telling them how or more importantly why.

“How, Winter how would I have told you,”

“By doing what you’re doing right now! Let me guess we were important before, now we have control over something, we’re suddenly important,” Winter shouted Jasmine jumped away from the girl, as ice covered the wall behind her, the snow at her feet started to dance around her, her short sleeved brown dress flowing with the wind.

“Winter calm down,” was Luna’s only response, that wasn’t the reason, but she didn’t have to tell them. They didn’t tell her what they’re plan was. Luna was pretty sure, that they didn’t have one, and it was dumb luck, that they were able to make.

“What are we?” Autumn asked he wanted the conversation to go from this subject, because he knew that Winter and Summer, were losing trust in Luna, not that he could blame them.

“I’m a Moon Spirit, you’re Crystal Spirits. You have control over the elements,” Luna explained and she was expecting them to ask questions, she only named them a few seconds ago. Hopefully, they would accept the names and spread the word.

“Elements? What are you talking about?” Spring asked she had calmed down; her sister wouldn’t do anything with a reason. Spring had to believe in her older sister, because without it, she had nothing to hold onto.

“There will be twelve months in each year; each of you will work six. Three months at a time. Night and day are becoming more balance; they’ll be thirty days in each month, and four weeks. Each week, will have about seven days,” Luna explained they were just going to have to accept it. It didn’t matter what she had done, if they wanted to world to be balanced.

“You just can’t come and tell us, what to do,” Winter shouted, Summer looked like he wanted to do the same thing. They risked their lives to do this, and Luna just comes and tell them what to do! She got herself killed by a wolf, they told her to stay away, but she came back anyway!

“Why not Winter,”

“Why! Why! You haven’t given us any reason to trust you,” Summer shouted he hated her, hated her when she was alive, but he kept it to himself. There was one thing, which he and Winter shared in common was the fact that they hated being told what to do.

“Do your job, and you don’t have to talk to me,” Luna didn’t see what was so hard about what she was telling them. Sadly, Winter and Summer were first, then Spring and Autumn. This would repeat on both sides. North and South. Most of it would have to be done at night, so no one sees them, but she knew that she couldn’t hold her breathe on that one.

“Winter, Summer please just listen,” Jasmine told them Summer was burning the ground, and she didn’t know if the wall could take anymore ice.

“Fine,” Summer and Winter said sitting on the ground, it didn’t stop them from glaring at Luna; they weren’t going to talk to her, after this. They were going to their jobs, then whatever they wanted!

“Good, the world is in two. North and South the weather will be different for both. Winter you have the south, Summer you have the north. Then Spring takes over for Winter, Autumn for Summer. Then it’ll be Winter taking over from Autumn, Summer taking over from Spring. Af -”

“Spring takes over after me, and Autumn does the same with Summer, than repeat. Every three months. Both with South and North, Luna we’re not as dumb as you believe we are,” Winter said, she wasn’t stupid, in fact none of them were.

“Each side will be different, Winter for yours it’ll rain in the south, with some places getting snow, but in the north it’ll mostly snow. Some places will snow all year round, so you’ll need to keep an eye on them,” Luna didn’t reply to Winter’s question, she wanted to get this done as soon, as she could. So she could go back to her home.

“Did you get it,” Luna said after a few minutes’ worth of silence. Winter and Summer wanted to shout at her, Autumn  and Spring were taking it in.

“We understand,” Spring told her, she didn’t know why, but she didn’t have a good feeling. It was like Luna was a different person, all of them were different.

“Good, then I don’t have to stay,” Luna was about to go, when she saw Winter refreeze the wall. It seemed they had to learn how to control their powers; it seemed the world was going to have to put up with it, for a while.   

“So that was it, tells what we have to do and leave? How do you know this, I know the world is starting to spin faster, but was because Jasmine told me! You just come here, and tell us what to do,” Winter thought Luna was kind, but it seemed she was faking all along, did she know what was going to happen? Did she make sure that they lived, so they could so this?

“Good bye, and good luck Jasmine,” With that Luna was gone, going back to the moon, in one of her moon beams. She needed to learn how to use her powers, but she knew how to use most of them. That and she had time, the others didn’t.

“Winter please just do it,” Jasmine knew she didn’t like that girl, they was something off about her. Sadly, the plan was a good one.

“How? Jasmine, theory’s nice, but how do we do it in real life?” Winter didn’t know what she was going to do.    

The End

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