Balance: Part Four

Six months ago-


                “I am sorry, can you please repeat that?” I ask Lily.

                She smiles and brushes her long blonde hair away from her face. “The humans are not as bad as most of the Council will have us think. In fact, there are very few differences between dryads and humans.”

                “This is a very interesting topic, Lily. But how can dryads last for so long so far away from their plants? Tis not possible for longer than a few weeks.”

                Lily shakes her head. “Nay, tis possible. The dryad wishing to live with humans must simply take enough leaves or flowers from their plant and drink a tea made from the petals or leaves. This will enable the dryad to live away from their plant among humans.”

                I nod, my curiosity piqued. “And have you tried this yet?”

                She shakes her head again. “My sister has, though.”

                “Azalea is living with humans? What does she think?”

                Lily smiles. “She says tis better than living with dryads and under the shadow of the Council. She has freedom among the humans, and she loves it.”

                I smile wistfully. “It sounds like fun. Mayhap I should try it.”

                Lily laughs. “A member of the Council living among humans? You would not be able to live there long, Heather, before the Council dragged you back.”

                I sigh. “Perhaps you are right. But I could always try. After all, I would still be in my region, so I would not be lying to the rest of the Council about my whereabouts.”

                 Lily nods. “This is true, Heather. But tis not easy to readjust from human life back to dryad life. Tis why many who live with humans do not return.”

                “Then mayhap I should go. I tire of all the ceremony and tradition of dryad life.”

                “I understand. Did you know that human females do not have to wear long skirts nor have their legs completely covered? In fact, the human females in your region only completely cover themselves when winter comes around.”

                “And their Council cares not?” I ask.

                Lily laughs again. “The humans do not answer to a Council.”

                “No Council to stick their nose into personal affairs? That sounds lovely,” I say wistfully.

                Lily nods in agreement. “Azalea says it is.”

                “Do you wish to live with the humans?” I ask suddenly.

                Lily shrugs. “Unlike most Council members, you allow much freedom, Heather. I could not abandon a leader such as you. I would not find another one.”

                “So you are not sure if you would live with them or not?”

                Lily shrugs again. “We have returned to your home, Heather. I enjoyed our talk while we went over your region, but my other duties need attending.”

                I nod. “Thank you, Lily. You are dismissed.”

                She bobs her head in acknowledgement and walks away, leaving me alone to think. Almost before I have completed my thought, I know that I will not be happy until I know what life is like as a human.

The End

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