Sandy wakes up in the middle of the night and her bag is gone

Sandy winced as she rose from sleep and blinked at the blurry form of her alarm clock. The numbers slowly came into focus.


What the hell was she doing awake now? Pulling the covers up over her head, Sandy willed herself back to sleep but as oblivion crept up on her she suddenly realised something. Wait, I put my new bag infront of the alarm clock, where has it gone?

Sandy sat up and looked around the foot of the bed but found nothing. Now that she was up, she decided to get a glass of water and so went to the bathroom. While she was on the landing she heard a noise from the kitchen.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" She whispered, but no answer was forth coming form the darkness. She decided to ignore it.

In the bathroom she filled her glass with water. The sound of the running tap made her need the toilet so she sat down on the loo, sipping her glass of water when suddenly the sound of a cat shrieking. She finished up and headed down stairs to investigate.

"Winston, is that you? What's the matter you silly cat?" She whispered.

As she approached the kitchen she heard a crunching, slurping sound followed by silence. Her glass held high, ready to smack any intruder that might be there, Sandy stepped into the room and turned on the light. There on the kitchen floor stood her bag, lightly covered in cat hairs.

"Winston! You naughty cat! You better not have crapped in my bag like you did with my shoes that time! Where are you?"

She got no answer. That silly cat, he must have dragged my bag all the way down here. She looked around and noticed the cat flap was slowly swinging. He must have run off. I'll tell him off later. No more treats for you Winston!

Picking up the bag, she felt a sudden chill but put it down to the catflap and headed back to her room. She placed the bag on the bedside table again and slipped into bed.

As she was slipping off back to sleep, she was sure she could hear something whispering.


The End

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