Badly Placed


All I did was change the radio station. How could that have come to this? I'm laying in the snow, trying to keep my eyes open, but the flakes are making it hard. Each one lands with a bit of a sting on my eyelashes before melting away. I can see my breath rising in to the air, mixing in with those thin clouds in the stratosphere which the dull stars are hiding behind. The thought of it makes me want to be at camp, where the night sky lights up like a fireworks display at quarter to eight. Just thinking about it makes the smell of campfire run through my nostrils.

Woah, for a second I thought I was hallucinating, but surely enough; the heat's real. I guess it's caught fire. Strange that I'm so calm about it. Wish I could look in its direction, but I'm pretty sure I'm paralyzed, that probably explains why I'm not feeling any pain. Even my mouth is paralyzed, I guess the part of your spine that controls your breathing isn't necessarily connected to the part that controls your face. Well, I can feel the heat on my forehead, so I know that's not quite paralyzed. I wonder how big the flames are, I can see them flickering to my left, but can't quite turn my eyes enough.

Must have been the tires burning that made me think of the campfire, or maybe it really was thinking about the stars that did it. I guess I'll never really figure that one out.

Oh god. I'm going to die aren't I? What did the weather say it was again? Ten or something below? I wonder how long I have before the cold gets me, or maybe the car'll blow up.

Nah, that's just in the movies, I remember seeing an epsiode of Myth Busters on it.

Hmm... well I guess thirty three's not all that bad. Christ bit it at that age so maybe it's a good thing, we'll have something in common. Oh come on, heaven doesn't exist, you're probably just going to fade away into nothingness like the smoke rising up into the sky.

Jee, that's sort of frightening isn't it. Thirty three years, and trying to change the radio from a gay Phil Collins song and a badly placed deer are what takes me out. Haha, can't really help but laugh at that one I guess.... badly placed deer.

Starting to get cold. Guess this is it.

Man, I'll never get to climb mount Everest, or bungee jump or skydive.

Well, I guess I can at least say I've rolled a car six times and got ejected into a tree at seventy miles per hour. Screw base jumping, I'd like to see Carl Boenish make an extreme sport out of that!

I can feel my breathing speeding up. I guess that's bad.

Heart's going pretty quick too.

Woo.. dizzy.

Here we go!

Woah... doesn't feel nice.

Where's that freaking tunnel everyone talks about?

What a scam!

Oh wow this is wierd.

I could swear there's a rainbow in front of me.




c o m e s. . .

The End

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