Bad ReputationMature

A teenage girl stand up to her bully, but not in the best possible way.

“Miss Goodman.” The secretary said, “The principal can see you now.” I stood up, my heart racing, I should not even be here, It will ben’t even my fault.

“So Miss Goodman.” The principal started, “ Tell me what happened.”

“Well, it all started in in PE the other day. PE was always boring, I was not really athletic. I was dressed out in my baggy uniform, and had my hair pulled back into  a bun.

“Ok, today we are starting our volleyball unit.” Coach Sukle announced. I let out  a sigh of relief, finally something I was sort of good at. We separated into small groups and started playing unsuccessful games of volleyball. The first few groups were uneventful, until my group switched to face a group of people I could not stand. Mainly Jayden; the brunette girl that consisted of perfection. Every guy in the school bowed down to her. During a bit of confusion, she hit the ball over the net. My volleyball reactions kicked in and I returned it. She turned her back to the net and did not see the ball coming. It flew over the net, hitting Jayden on the top of her head. She turned around with a glare in her eyes.

“We were not even playing!”

“You hit it first.” I said.

“That does not give you the right to hit me, bitch!”

“What did you call me?”

“Bitch!” She yelled, “exactly what you are!” That was it, I had, had it. I walked up to Jayden and punched her in the nose. She returned with a slap, before I knew it, we were on the ground, ripping out hair, and busting teeth. Before long there was a group of people around us, chanting.

“Fight, fight, fight.” They yelled. The myriad of peoples voices echoed through the gym, and Coach came running over. When he finally separated the crowd, I was sitting on top of Jayden, punching back and forth as she tried to claw me off of her. Coach rushed in and pulled me off of her. Tears rushed down my face as Jayden lay in a pool of blood on the gym floor. That is how I ended up with a black eye, a one week suspension, and a reputation that would last me the rest of high school. That is also when I decided there was not enough room in this high school for the both of us. Suspension was great, a week off of school, the only bad part was the homework. Hours and hours of homework. Oh yeah, and my parents. For some reason, they could not see that I had a right to hit her, that she started it first. So along with suspension, I was also grounded. No phone, no laptop (unless it for school), and no friends. I was scared for Monday, the day I go back to school. I wondered how the other students would react. Would they honor me, would they hate me, I didn’t have the slightest clue. The morning I was to return to school, it was Monday. My alarm clock blared beep beep beep beep. I hit the snooze button and rolled over. I didn’t really have to go to school did I. A few minutes later, my mom stomped down the stairs, and threw the door to my room open.

“Stevie get up, it’s seven o’clock you’re going to be late!”’ She yelled. She ripped my blankets off. I rolled over again and moaned.

“I don’t feel good I can’t do to school.” I said. She looked at me with harsh eyes.

“Bologna, now get out of bed before I go get your father.” She said. She grabbed my arm and began to pull me out of my bed. I groaned.

“Okay, Okay I’ll get up.” I said. I pulled myself out of bed and yawned. I rubbed my eyes, and stumbled across the room to my closet. I pulled a pair of jeans, and a Dr.who t-shirt. I  brushed my hair into a ponytail, and trudged up the stairs into the kitchen. My breakfast was on the table, I sat down, and started to shovel the eggs into my mouth. My mom stared at me from across the island.

“If you’re late, i'm not signing you a pass.” She said. I finished off my eggs and walked across the kitchen to grab my converse. I shoved my toes into the ends, threw my backpack over my shoulder and waddled into the garage.

“What car?” I yelled into the house.

“The toyota.” My mom yelled back. I climbed into the passenger seat, as my mom walked through the garage door, with her two thermoses of coffee. She got into the car and pulled out. By the time I got into school, it was about two minutes to the bell. I slid into my seat in french thirty seconds before the bell.

“Nice to see you back.” Mr. Richie said. I could feel the burn of his sarcasm. The class giggled. So far not so good, I thought. I slid down into my seat, and worked on the war up. Up until lunch, everything was pretty quiet. No one really talked to me, but that wasn't unusual. As I walked down into the lunch room, it fell silent. The only sound, was a little stray whispers. As I walked towards my table, I could feel the eyes of others following me. I slid into my seat and turned towards Doug.

“Whats going on?” I asked.

“They all know what happened between you and Jayden, they are afraid.” He said. I looked around the room.Every Time I would try to make eye contact the person would turn away. I sighed, that was not exactly what I wanted.Sure I wanted respect, but not out of fear. My friend’s and I broke the silence with our conversations and laughs. Eventually the conversations in the lunchroom returned to normal. I was relieved. The first day back, wasn’t too bad. There were no more incidents the rest of the day, but it wasn't really today that I was dreading. It was tomorrow when I had to face Jayden again in PE. The next morning routine was the same, except I was late. Contrary to my mothers threats, she still signed my late pass. I ran up to my math class on the top floor. I could barely pay attention. My stomach was churning in anticipation of the next class; PE. I sat and fidgeted with my pencil. Maddy; my friend that sat next to me, gave me a strange look.

“You okay?” She asked. I nodded my head as I rocked back and forth in my seat. She looked unsatisfied, but she left me alone. For my life I could not remember what we learned that day, so I shoved my homework into my backpack, and vowed to finish it later. I quietly sat in my seat and doodled for the rest of the class. Before I knew it, I heard the dreaded bell, signifying the end of the first period. I hesitantly got out of my seat and trudged down the stairs. When I made it into the locker room, I noticed something odd. Jayden, was by herself. She was not surrounded by her little posy. In Fact they were no where in sight. I quickly changed without getting near Jayden. When I emerged from the locker room, several girls surrounded me, tossing compliments at me. I took me a few seconds to realize who they were. It was Jaydens minions. They were no longer Jayden’s, they were now mine. I didn’t understand, why would they come to me. These girls flocked to popularity, like butterflies to a carcass. Then it hit me, I had taken her place, as queen of the school. My stomach felt queasy. I had always thought I wanted that, but now I wasn’t sure anymore. Was it really that great. I turned to look at Jaden. She was standing alone in the corner. That was such odd sight to me. I thought about walking over to her, talking to her, to make her feel better. Then I thought about everything she had done to me. The rumors,the hurtful comments. I pushed my way through the crowd of girls and approached her with sympathetic eyes.

“Jayden.” I said. She looked up at me. I put my hand on her shoulder.

“Karma’s a bitch isn't it. “ I said with a crooked smile, and walked away.

The End

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