Which Ever Clan You Want - Anyone


 Day broke quietly on the tiny village. There  were no sounds of loud machines or occupying armies. The village was out of the eyes of the Rosco clan for the most part since it was the big metropolises that carried the most weight . They were usually the target for cleansing. Everyone knew one day that even the small villages would be cleansed but for now it was a safe place.

   Juiles grabbed his boots and ran outside. The rest of his family was still asleep and that was the way he wanted to keep it. Both of his parents were quiet , peaceful people that worried more about if there Hyerberen herds were going to sell at market than the war between the Narco clan and the Rosco clan. . Their rationale was that the two clans would tire of the war and quietly overthrow the leaders that has caused the uproar in the first place.

 Though Juiles was considered part of the  Narco clan, his mother had been born a member of the Rosco clan .When her mother  married his dad  it was decided that she was to join the Narco clan. Nothing was really made of such a arrangement since the the members of the village this was common practice. The practice was so common that choosing somebody as a mate because they were of another clan was thought to be a silly practice that was only practiced by outsiders who thought themselves  wise.

  Outsiders were frowned upon especially rebels. To the village having such ruffians would only bring destruction , chaos , and misery to their quiet village. If Juiles parents knew that their 12 year old son was talking to a rebel solider they would severely punish both Juiles and the solider. The fact was their village was a haven for rebels who bought supplies from the local shopkeepers than disappear into the vast fields  that surrounded the village. As far as the village knew they were refuges that now camped out in the lost lands.

   Juiles liked the old man. He did not seem like a rebel. Though he did talk to Juiles about his younger days when he was a rebel himself. Now of course he was only commended to buying supplies and such . When asked why he was not a general or such he often coughed or stuffed his mouth full of bread. It seemed that for whatever reason he was quite content to such mediocre tasks. It was however his ability to both to manipulate elements around him and also to create elements as well that really awed the young boy. Juiles was likely the only person in the village to see such a fete since manipulating elements or creating elements was banned for fear it would cause the village to become part of the war.

   For all Juiles knew the man might of went back into the lost lands . It might be a while before he would get to see the old man again. It wasnt unlikely event. Still as Juiles hurried down the dusty path as the orange sun rose along the sky he hoped that he could talk to the old man one more time. He hoped the man was there eating his bread , dreaming of his younger days.

The End

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