Bad Blood

The Rules To The Story:
1) No inappropriate language.
2) Try to keep the words up to 800 or less.
3) Don't get out of the subject; make the chapters interact with each other.
4)Keep the same chapter names for all the one's you write, you can tag whoever you want though.
5) Leave the optional chapter for anyone who is interested in writing it.
6) Write the story in third person
7) The people who are writing for the Narco clan should write from Narco's perspective, while the authors who are


Centuries ago, civilization was at the verge of oblivion by Za'zel, a demonic creature with tremendous abilities that could break the balance between the two worlds. This creature was covered pitch black as if the shadows had engulfed the very existence of its soul; the only difference visible from its appearance was the elusive blood-lusting crimson eyes that could devour every soul which confronted its authority. Until one man, not known by his name but of his bravery, sealed the monster and created the natural satellite which we recall as the Moon. Many people refer to him as "The Great Mage" due to his discovery of maneuvering his inner human endowments.

After the Great Mage’s victory, life was simple and serene. He was granted two sons not long after and were trained in the art of the Mage until one of them would become his successor. As training proceeded, the years went by and new endowments were discovered. This ability gave the beholder the capability to manipulate the natural elements within his surroundings. Only few could create elements by their own will. The former were recognized as the Delimitators and the latter as the Emarcators.

During these prolong years, the Great Mage was getting older and reaching his limits. He made his decision in his deathbed which of his sons will take his throne. Just as his life was about to die out, he chose the youngest of the two. The older brother resented his fathers decision and was in search of revenge. Although his father was dead, the only way to get his revenge was to kill his brother. 

The older brother's goal did not succeed but ended with permanent conflict. This conflict was permanent due to the fact that the bloodline of the brothers continued from generation to generation creating a rivalry between two clans; the Narco and the Rosco.

Unfortunately, The Great Mage's bloodline was at the brink of extinction. Only the last two son's of the opposite clans can determine who is going to have the place of their great great great great great great grandfather.

The End

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