That's it! I found it, something that could change the world. The largest reserve of bacon, ever. How did I find the bacon? Where did it come from? Why has it been hidden from mankind for all this time?

Canada, the land of maple leafs and weird accents. It was the middle of winter, December 15th. I was in a small town in the providence of Quebec. Why I was there, I shall never know. All I knew was that I was there, it was cold, and the town smelt like bacon.

Everything I saw was bacon colored and bacon scented. Everyone I saw had dark red hair and brown eyes. Their skin was a dark tan color and stood out against the snow. Something had to be wrong with this town.

Knowing this, I ran to the grocery store. I looked up and down the aisles. All I saw was bacon and bacon related items. Eventually I came across the freezer aisle. I walked down the aisle in till something caught my eye, a blacked out freezer.

Curiously, I pulled on the handle. The freezer door opened and a blast of cold air was released. I walked into the freezer. The freezer was dark, but I could tell that the freezer was extremely large. My eyes adjusted to the dark and I can't believe what I saw next. Mountains and mountains of bacon filled the room. I turned away from the bacon and found a light switch. I turned on the lights as I faced the bacon once again. The bacon sparkled in the light.

That's it! This discovery could change the world. The mountains of bacon have been hidden from mankind for all this time. Why bacon?

Confused by this unusual discovery, I ran out of the freezer. As I ran past the cashier I noticed the currency It was bacon. I understood everything now, the town's enconomy ran on bacon. The freezer must have been a safe.

I could have stopped world hunger. I could have corrupt a whole economy. I could have done a million things with the bacon. I could have changed the world, but I didn't. I went back to the freezer one more time and packed my bags full of bacon. I left Canada, forever. Hopefully, this bacopia would be left a secret. But I knew better.

The End

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