But, but, I don't want to be a goose...

The woman behind the counter looked impassively at the girl and uttered, "Next."

"Hi.  Yes.  My name is Carolyn, and I seem to be a little bit lost.  There's an awful lot of people kind of... milling around, uh, and I'm not exactly sure where I am.  Can you help me?"

The woman behind the counter never raised her eyes from the paperwork in front of her, "Last name?"

"Who?  Mine?"

Finally the woman's eyes crept up and gave the confused young woman a dry glare.

"Of course!  Right," Carolyn giggled nervously, "Strauss.  Carolyn Strauss."

The woman behind the counter returned to her sheaves of paper and grunted, "Your case manager is Trina."

The woman pointed down the hall and continued in her monotone drawl, "Around the corner, second door to your left.  NEXT!"

"Case manager?  Why do I need a case manager?  Am I in some kind of trouble?  And where am I?"

The woman sighed, a massive heaving of her bony shoulders which seemed to affect her entire torso, "No, miss.  You are not in trouble.  You are dead.  Your case manager, Trina -- not me -- Trina, will help you adjust to the Afterlife and get you started.  But only if you leave me alone.  Now toddle off, you have places to haunt... or whatever.  NEXT!"

The End

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